Shop Floor to Top Floor: Create Messages that Influence Different Audiences

Presenters: D. Scott Sink, Ohio State University and Brent Miller, West Monroe Partners

Increasingly, ISE’s may find themselves working for Private Equity Firms or more likely at some point in their careers working in organizations that are funded by Private Equity Firms. These environments and situations create challenging opportunities for ISE’s to need to be innovative and effective salespeople and communicators.

Even you aren’t in that type of context, learning how to present ‘findings’ and sell things differently as your audience changes is an important professional skill.

The focus of this webinar is on how ISE’s can more effectively tailor their ‘pitches’ to meet different audience needs, expectations, requirements.

Brent will walk you through a sample project life-cycle, outputs, etc. and show them how you take project findings from front line personnel and boil it up to C-suite, board, and PE Operating Partner levels to get buy-in and internal investment dollars for recommendations.

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