IISE and SEE360 Outstanding Service System Engineering Innovation in Education

Tues, Oct. 29, 12 p.m. Eastern time | Register now

Presenters: Barbara Venegas Quintrileo, Penn State; Charles Davis, M.D., Penn State College of Medicine; Aubrie Smith, Vittal Prabhu, Ph.D. and Daren Lehman, Ohio State University

Moderator: D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., head of the Integrated LeanSigma Certification program in ISE at Ohio State University

IISE in partnership with the Service Enterprise Engineering Advisory Board, Charles Schneider, Chair in IME at Penn State launched a Service Systems Engineering Award Competition in 2018-19. This webinar is three of the top 6 finalists, the presentations they delivered at the annual IISE Conference in Orlando in May. So, if you missed the conference, you still get a chance to hear these three outstanding presentations that focus on the application of Industrial and Systems Engineering in a university setting.

Barbara Venegas Quintrileo, associate director of the Service Enterprise Engineering 360 program at Penn State will share how they applied optimization theory and modeling to optimize snow removal for a large, dynamic and complex area and how the model is transferable to several other applications.

Charles Davis, M.D., chief of hip and knee arthroplasty division in the Penn State College of Medicine will discuss how they applied principles of value engineering and lean to engineer improve value, lower costs, improved decision making in the growing area of replacements.

Aubrie Smith and Daren Lehman will share how they partnered with ISE students in the Integrated LeanSigma Certification Program at Ohio State to significantly improve flow, reduce wait times and overall improve process maturity levels for OSU’s move-in day.

Vittal Prabhu, Ph.D. works in the area of distributed control systems focused on manufacturing and service enterprises at Pennsylvania State University. The goal of his work is to develop a unified mathematical and computational framework that is suitable for engineering of distributed systems consisting of discrete-events, physical processes, and service processes. He has developed distributed control algorithms for production scheduling, maintenance scheduling, batch sequencing, inventory control, transportation, and supply chain optimization. He has also researched real-time control of physical processes such as cryogenic freezing, laser manufacturing, and electron beam-physical vapor deposition.