SHS/FLEXSIM Student Simulation Competition Past Winners

2021 Winners 

1st place: UAI Team
Federal University of Itajuba
Team members: Gustavo Teodoro Gabriel, Joao Soares do Amaral, Gustavo Santos Coutinho and Rafael Hummel Santos
Faculty advisor: Jose de Queiroz

2nd place: Equipo 1
University of Louisville
Team members: Jorge Sanchez and Mercedes Pastor
Faculty advisor: Arsalan Paleshi

3rd place: BU Bearcats
Binghamton University
Team members: Arushi Agarwal and Nieqing Cao
Faculty advisor: Soongeol Kwon

Honorable Mentions:

"Florida CHOMPtimizers"
University of Florida
Team members: Elijah, Christopher Suryo, Harrison Vann and Meredith McCurdy
Faculty advisor: Michelle Alvarado

"Houston Streamliners"
University of Houston
Team members: Awais Ahmed, Moaz Ahmed, Mohammed Ul Haq and Adil Malik
Faculty advisor: Jiming Peng

University of Louisville
Team members: Shahab Sadri and Bijan Bibak
Faculty advisor: Arsalan Paleshi

University of Florida
Team members: Yikai Xiang, Jagger Wise-Jarvis, Jessica Kernohan and Roberto Bazan
Faculty advisor: Xiang Zhong

2020 Winners

1st place: SSIE Binghamton
Binghamton University          
Team members: Farouq Halawa and Hala Ghali          
Faculty advisor: Mohammad Khasawneh

2nd place: Swampulation
University of Florida
Team members: Alexa Carrie, Steven Tenbuschc and Daniel Silva
Faculty advisor: Katie Basinger

3rd place: Houston Optimizers
University of Houston
Team members: Moaz Ahmed Mohiuddin and Zia Hussain
Faculty advisor: Taewoo Lee

2019 Winner

1st place: IEPG - UNIFEI 
Federal University of Itajuba 
Team members: Gustavo Teodoro Gabriel, Flavio Fraga Vilela, Aline de Lima Magacho and Lucas Cavallieri Segismondi 
Faculty advisor: Jose Antonio de Queiroz

2017 Winners

1st place: University of Washington ISE 
University of Washington 
Team members: Courtney Seto, Dustin Wang, Brandon Pittaway and Rungpatch Nethnapat 
Faculty advisor: Joseph Heim

2nd place: Going for Gold 
Western Michigan University 
Team members: Matthew Bracey and Ryna Mabie 
Faculty advisor: Azim Houshyar

3rd place: Team BulSU 
Bulacan State University 
Team members:Letrelle Montes, Danielle Tancio and John Arabejo 
Faculty advisor: Ivy Mar Ramos

2016 Winners

1st place: Geaux FlexSim 
Louisiana State University  
Team members: Justin Neilson, Michael Toler and Dana Scalf  
Faculty advisor: Hyun Woo Jeon

2nd place: Forerunners 
West Virginia University 
Team members: Alireza Ebrahimvandi and Mahsa Kiani 
Faculty advisor:Kenneth Currie

3rd place: True Maroon Engineers 
Mississippi State University 
Team members: Shuchisnigdha Deb, Mahmudur Rahman, Jack Francis and Rachel Creely 
Faculty advisor: Lesley Strawderman

2015 Winners

1st place: Badgers
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Team members: Erkin Otles, Samuel Scmitt, April Soler and Mike Russo
Faculty advisor: Laura McLay

2nd place: SJSU Spartan
San Jose State University
Team members: Minh Dang, Rebecca Mantecon, Park Srivipapattana and Sandeep Kannan
Faculty advisor: Lou Freund

3rd place: True Maroon Engineers
Mississippi State University
Team members: Md Mahmudur Rahman, Austin Campbell, John Roberson and Ethan Kip Hosea
Faculty advisor: Lesley Strawderman