New headquarters benefits home healthcare provider

How BAYADA’s new campus changed its business

BAYADA is a leader in providing clinical care and support services at home for people of all ages since 1975. Today, our team includes more than 25,000 home healthcare professional serving in 22 states and five countries. To support this network of community-based healthcare professionals and offices, BAYADA has developed a concentration of staff focused on centralized, primarily nonclinical activities.
By Tom Cassidy 

CPG manufacturers take sales directly to consumers

Direct-to-consumer strategies for CPG manufacturers

In the 1990s, modern retail stores such as supermarkets incorporated pioneering marketing and management techniques Big retailers started to invest in marketing and to offer generic products, and thus increased their reputation. Until now, CPG manufacturers’ strategy had been based on three main aspects: gaining tactical placement at the retailers’ shelves, brand positioning and mass advertising.
By Gurram Gopal and Inés de Madariaga Azcuénaga

Teaming AI with human intelligence

Engineering the intelligent enterprise

While last-minute twists are critical to an entertaining plot, more sober researchers in the artificial intelligence field explain that we are far from achieving the general intelligence needed for a robot-run enterprise to become reality. So the question then becomes: How do we extract the greatest performance out of what we know today is possible with man and machine? The starting point must be to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of each.
By Joseph Byrum

Sharing resources to create a value stream

Designing a value stream flow through shared resources

An organization can then teach people who work in the flow to fix it on their own when it begins to break down – and the answer cannot be, “contact a supervisor or manager.” Once managers are no longer busy attending meetings, reading status emails or intervening to fix flow, they will be able to spend their free time helping to grow the business, acquiring new customers, improving brand recognition and much more.
By Kirk Bolton