The ISE Role in Service Systems Engineering: Service 4.0 Overview, Digital Transformation in Healthcare, and Enterprise Shared Services

Presenters: Michael Caesar, University Health Network, David Poirier, The Poirier Group and CISE Chair, Barbara Venegas-Quintrileo, Penn State University

Moderator: D. Scott Sink, Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Industry 4.0 is a concept that is becoming well socialized and understood. The ISE roles in this ongoing transformation are fairly well established. A similar transformation is occurring in Service Systems. That transformation, which some are calling Service 4.0, is less well understood and for sure the ISE role is much less well defined. The Service Systems Engineering “Community” in IISE has joined forces with Chapter No. 1 and created a series of webinars that will launch on the Nov. 6 and continue into 2019.

What we’ll cover:

  • The Service Systems 4.0 Webinar Series, with Scott Sink.
  • High level overview of Service Systems Engineering and the ISE, with Vittal Prabhu.
  • Zoom in on an example of the transformation in healthcare, with Michael Caesar, University Health Network, Toronto: Digital Data and Implementation Science.
  • Zoom in on the science and role of ISE in Enterprise Shared Services (Finance, IT, SCM, BPI, HR, etc.) Optimization.
  • Preview of the line-up of webinars in Service Systems Engineering for 2019.

The webinar is designed for organizations attempting to figure this all out and improve the delivery and value of services offered. Students wanting to understand the big picture and learn how to focus their continuing research and learning, and for ISE’s in other domains just interested in understanding the context of the transformation that is occurring in service systems.

Each of these three short introductory modules will be expanded into a full hour webinar in the coming months of 2019.

These Lunch-and-Learn webinars are intended to be something you can do over your lunch hour. Get a sandwich and relax at your desk and take 60 minutes to get a good dose of wisdom and experience sharing.

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