Outstanding ISE Capstone Senior Design Project

Sponsored by the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering (CISE), Virginia Tech Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and The Ohio State University Department of Integrated Systems Engineering (Scott and Beatrice Sink Giving Accounts)

The purpose of the award process and award is to encourage undergraduate students to be ISEs for life and to convert from being student members to full time professional members of IISE. The process and award intends to do this by recognizing outstanding/excellent reduction to practice in the ISE capstone senior design course.

The IISE Outstanding Capstone Senior Design Project Award recognizes individual students or teams that have applied their ISE knowledge and skills to have a significant impact on an organization.

Submission Form

Deadline to enter is April 22, 2019.

Eligibility Criteria

  • A student or team that has successfully completed a project, or is in-flight and pending completion before, on or slightly after the IISE Annual Conference & Expo can apply. 
  • We will also accept applications for projects that were completed in December.
  • We will accept any project that was completed for the ABET Senior Capstone Design Requirement regardless of the "format" of the course/project (e.g., length, multidisciplinary, individual or team, etc.).
  • The project must demonstrate the successful use of ISE principles, tools and techniques/methods to solve a problem, design a new process, capture an opportunity, make something better.
  • At least one student must be present at the IISE Annual Conference & Expo in order to apply for this award. 
  • No more than two applications from a given department.

Nomination/Application Details

  • Nominations/applications should be driven by the department capstone coordinators and faculty mentors for the capstone projects but students/teams also should be proactive in self-nominating with endorsements from coordinators/mentors/heads as well as sponsors.
  • A nomination/application will consist of a 2-page executive summary (application cover memo), a formal final (or draft of the final) presentation for the project (what was used for the sponsor can be used for this), and if a poster was part of the final set of deliverables, then a PDF version of the poster.  No papers or written reports, the IISE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition is focused on that mode of professional presentation. 
  • The projects are nominated by the capstone coordinator/department head and the department (or perhaps the student chapter of IISE) agrees to cover the cost of attending the conference for at least one team member. 
  • The application package will also include a letter of support from the project sponsor and the faculty mentor/coach/advisor for the project.
  • Application implies intent to attend the conference. Winners of the competition will receive recognition at the Honors and Awards Banquet and cash and in-kind awards/rewards.
  • The application packages will be due April 22 (that allows for travel arrangements and early bird registration, etc.) allowing the committee time to review them and prepare for the programming and judging agenda for the conference. 
  • The final posters or presentation storyboards can be enhanced from the application/submission to the actual showcase event. 
  • All applications will be part of a “poster” or presentation storyboard judging session early in the conference, Saturday or early Sunday. All projects will be screened and the top three selected for a panel presentation on Sunday afternoon or Monday Morning. Up to 20 projects will be showcased, selected from the total group of nominations/applications. 
  • The top three winners will be announced at the IISE Honors and Awards Banquet, complimentary tickets to the dinner is part of the recognition package. 

Note: Members of the IISE Board of Trustees, the Honors Steering Committee, those involved in processing, such as the Director of Honors, or any headquarters staff member may not be used as a nominator or reference.

Recognition and Rewards

Up to 30 of the students participating, from the top ranked projects will receive complimentary first year IISE memberships, $77 value(the award will pay for those students conversions);

Monetary awards (consistent with the Technical Paper Contest sponsored by John Deere) rankings based on the final presentations of the top three projects:

  • First Place--$1,000
  • Second Place--$500
  • Third Place--$300

The winners will receive a certificate of recognition and be recognized at the Honors and Awards Banquet on May 20, 2019, in Orlando, Florida. Banquet tickets paid for by the award for up to three people for each of the top three projects.

Rubric Utilized by the Committee to Evaluate the Projects

  • Did the project make a difference and was that proven, defendable?
  • Does the Project represent the successful application (reduction to practice) of a set of ISE Principles, Methods, Tools?  What elements of the ISE Body of Knowledge does it reflect?
  • Was there an innovative component or aspect to the project?
  • Does the work demonstrate an ability to identify, formulate, and solve a complex engineering problem by applying engineering, science, and or mathematical principles?
  • Does the work demonstrate an ability to apply engineering design to produce solution(s) that meet the specified needs with consideration of the appropriate factors and/or constraints?
  • Does the work, deliverables, presentation show that the student(s) have an ability to communicate effective with a range of stakeholders and audiences?
  • Does the work demonstrate the ability to analyze and interpret data/facts, and use engineering judgement to draw conclusions?
  • The work demonstrates that the student(s) understand the impact of engineering solutions in the following dimensions:  Economic, Sustainability of Solutions but also impact on Sustainability, stakeholder impact and system impact (both scope of system but also time horizon).

Review and Decision Process (Showcase and Final Presentations)

  • A subcommittee of the IISE main honors and awards committee will review the nominations and make the finalist determinations. This sub-committee is comprised of:
    • Chair of the sub-committee for the start-up period:  A member of the young professionals group.
    • A faculty mentor for capstone senior design from an ISE program.
    • A member of the Society for Engineering Management Systems Board.
    • A member of the Society for Health Systems.
    • A member of the Council on Industrial and Systems Engineering.
    • A member of the Industrial Advisory Board.
    • A CIEADH representative (Council of Industrial Engineering Academic Department Heads).
  • Nomination/application packages will be received on or before April 22, 2019.
  • All applicants that apply and attend will participate in a poster or presentation storyboard showcase and the judging committee will review and select the top three.
    • It should be noted that the showcase is a great opportunity to gain exposure to our attendees from business and industry. It is also a great opportunity to position the department as well as the students to potential employees Saturday.
  • A sub-track specifically for capstone senior design project presentations will have been set up and the top three will present their projects Sunday.
  • The review committee will integrate their evaluations of the project materials (nomination package) and the presentations and determine the top three winners.