Town Hall Meeting Minutes May 21, 2017

To: EED Board Members
From: Omar Ashour, Program Chair
Date: 5/21/2017
Re: Minutes of town hall meeting of 5/21/2017 – 3:30 pm – 4:50 pm ET

Note: there was a technical difficulty at the beginning of the meeting.

Board Members (2016-2017):

 Name  Role  Affiliation  Present
 Isaac Faber   Immediate Past President   USMA (West Point)   No 
 Guiping Hu   President   Iowa State University   No 
 Joe Wilck   Program Chair   U.S. Air Force Academy  Yes 
 Omar Ashour  Communication Director   Penn State Behrend  Yes 
 John Usher   Board Director   Mississippi State University   Yes 
 Gene Dixon   Board Director   East Carolina University   Yes 
 Lukasz Mazur   IISE Technical VP   UNC   NO 

Board Members (2017-2018):

 Name  Role   Affiliation   Present 
 Guiping Hu   Immediate Past President   Iowa State University    No
 Joe Wilck    President    U.S. Air Force Academy  Yes
 Omar Ashour  Program Chair   Penn State Behrend   Yes
 Mehmet bayram Yildirim  Communication Director   Wichita State University   No 
 Karen Bursic    Board Director   University of Pittsburgh   Yes 
 Gene Dixon   Board Director  East Carolina University   Yes
 John Jackman   IISE technical VP   Iowa State University   Yes 

A total of fourteen members attended the meeting including the board members.

 Mingzhou Jin   (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) 
 Nikolay Kulakov   (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) 
 Sarah Ryan  (Iowa State University) 
 Joe Hartman   (University of Massachusetts Lowell) 
 Cameron MacKenzie    (Iowa State University) 
 Wangming Situ  (Stevens Institute of Technology) 
 Victoria Clark   (Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers) 
 Jim Luxhoj   (Rutgers University)

Meeting Materials:

A two-page summary of the presentation. Presentation slides.

Welcome and Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the Division Program Chair Joe Wilck on behalf of the President Guiping Hu.

Award Update: 

The following awards were announced:

The 2017 Wellington Award was awarded to Dr. James Luxhøj, Rutgers University.

The 2017 Best Teaching Award was awarded to Dr. Mehmet Bayram Yildirim, Wichita State University.

The 2017 Best Paper Award was awarded to Anastasia Blaset Kastro and Nikolay Kulakov for their paper entitled “New Applications of the IRR Method in the Evaluation of Investment Projects (Paper ID #2342)”, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Conference Update:

There were 4 paper sessions this year. Eight full papers and twelve presentations. The number of submission was down from last year. It was suggested that the number of submission may improve if joint and special session are organized. Joe thinks that establishing new divisions has contributed to lower submissions in the EE track because some authors have migrated to these new divisions.


The 2016 – 2017 leadership and volunteers were thanked for their service and presented with certificates. The division thanked John Usher and Gene Dixon for their service as board directors. Omar Ashour was thanked for his service as a communication director.

Division Board Members: 

The leadership team is listed at the beginning of the minutes.

Omar Ashour (Penn State Behrend) is moving from the communication director to program chair role (2017 – 2018).

Karen Bursic (University of Pittsburgh) is replacing John Usher as a new director (2017 – 2019).

Mehmet Bayram Yildirim (Wichita State University) is the new communication director (2017 – 2018).

The Wellington Award Committee: 

Leland Blank (Chair, 2014 – 2017)

Ted Eschenbach (2015 – 2018)

Mingzhou Jin (2017) [in place of Joseph Hartman (2016 – 2019)]

Isaac Faber (2017) [as Immediate Past President]

The Engineering Economist Editorial Board: 

Three members of The Engineering Economist Editorial Board are appointed by IISE and three members are appointed by ASEE. Sarah Ryan (Iowa State University) is the editor of TEE.

IISE’s Appointments:

Mingzhou Jin (2016 – 2019)

Cameron Mackenzie (2017 – 2018) to replace Karen Bursic (2015 – 2018)

Joe Wilck (2018 – 2020) to replace Chin Hon Tan (2014 – 2017)

ASEE’s Appointments:

Jerome Lavelle (2016 – 2019)

Gene Dixon (2015 – 2018)

John A. White, Jr. (2014 – 2017)

Technical Vice President (TVP):

John Jackman (Iowa State University) is replacing Lukasz Mazur. John Jackman is the TVP that oversees the EED and is the link to the IISE Board of Trustees through the Senior Vice President for Technical Operations (Amanda Mewborn).

Division Vision and Mission:

Joe Wilck presented the vision and wission statements for the division. The vision and mission statements have not been updated since 2011 except for the word “IIE” to “IISE”. Joe asked if anybody has comments/feedback to update them. Somebody suggested improving the last line of the mission statement “Maintain the membership in the IISE Engineering Economy Division”. Somebody suggest to change it to “provide value” instead of “maintain the membership”.

Membership Update: 

The division membership (End of Q1 2016) was 3,575 total members; the sixth largest division within IISE (of 12 divisions). The membership includes 2,387 students, 752 industry professionals, 435 academic professionals, and 1 administrative member. Membership in the division decreased from 3,575 to 3,316 by the end of Q1 2017. The membership includes 2,163 students, 923 industry professionals, and 230 academic professionals. Division membership is free for all paid members of IISE and is an option for an individual’s membership record, IISE members can join as many divisions as they choose.

The membership plays a role in the division health.

Technical Health Report Update:

The total points are in the yellow zone (40%). 60% is considered good (green zone). The division scored worse in terms of the membership health. The reason for that is the division did not see a growth in the total membership but it should be mentioned that the industry professionals’ category has significantly grown up from 752 to 923 members. The division also can get points for our members winning IISE level awards and financial sponsorships. In the operations categories, more activities (e.g., social media, webinars, and
award nominations) can increase the division score. In the leadership categories, having more industry officers/leaders and student leaders would increase the score.

Some ideas to improve the THR:

- Joined webinars with other divisions
- Students members (non-voting)
- Student paper award (may be separate undergrad and grad depending on the number of submissions)
- Newsletter tailored to students
- Students can be part of delivering and managing social media venues
- Student case competition

Strategic Plan: 

Joe presented the strategic plan for the division which includes:

- Update the leadership job descriptions. Include more details about responsibilities and deadlines.
- Get a regular schedule for Board meetings.
- Form the nominations committee under the Past President in order to begin identifying future leadership candidates.
- Identify who is visibly active in engineering economic analysis: presentations at IISE & ASEE, publishing books, publishing journal articles on these topics in The Engineering Economist, Industrial Engineer, IISE Transactions, EMJ, etc.
- Network with members who are interested in the field of Engineering Economy.
- Explore interdisciplinary contacts.
- Encourage junior scholars to promote their research results through IISE.
- Publish the quarterly newsletter with more content of interest to the membership.
- Continue growing the EED Webinar series

Annual Plan: 

Joe also presented the annual plan which includes:

- Have quarterly newsletters.
- Have bimonthly board meetings.
- Deliver two webinars.
- Recruit additional volunteer leaders, especially from the industry, to run in the next election cycle
- Actively recruit speakers for ISERC 2017 over the fall to increase the number of presentations, papers, and sessions at the conference.
- Continue the best teaching award and best paper award and add the student best paper award in conducting engineering economic analysis in senior designs.

The meeting was adjourned by Division Program Chair Joe Wilck at approximately 4:36pm (ET).

Prepared and submitted by Omar Ashour