Modeling and Simulation Division

Examples of Simulation Analysis Power

This webcast will describe three highly diverse applications of discrete-event process simulation, demonstrating its correct practice, pitfalls to avoid, and capabilities of analysis and contributions to fully informed managerial decision-making.

The ABCs of Simulation

Since simulation is becoming widely used in process improvement projects, it is imperative that all stakeholders have a fundamental understanding of simulation.

Operations Digital Maps for Visualization and Prediction

In this webcast we talk about the ways we have experienced how to bring the operation digital map and its promise to the small operation to provide prediction and insight.

New Approaches to Winter Road Maintenance

During this presentation, we propose a road vulnerability index to snowfall based on street shading factor and slope grade. 

Live Simulation for an IoT-enabled Supply Chain

The presentation will focus on utilizing Discrete Event Simulation (DES) models within the framework of internet of things (IoT) for smart real-time decision-support and performance management. The application of DES-IoT in the presentation will be for the increasing the effectiveness of next-generation supply chains.