Students, explore a career in healthcare with the Society for Health Systems today!
By Adam Schleis - MSOE IISE President

If you are like me you and approximately 98.75 million other people on this planet, you have a Netflix subscription. The cheapest option is $7.99 per month, which equates to 96 dollars per year. However, Netflix does not help students determine what they want to do with their Industrial or Systems Engineering degree.  There is one membership subscription that does benefit students in the healthcare field that desperately needs Industrial and Systems Engineering help. Students who are already members of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering pay less than a month of Netflix for a wealth of information. Of course, I am talking about how it only costs $5 (for the whole year!) for students to join the Society for Health Systems if they are already members of IISE. It is a struggle for students to truly know what they want to do with their career. For only $5 a year, a student IISE member can gain insight into where their career could take them in such an expanding field. 

There are multiple benefits to joining SHS and many of these I have experienced firsthand from networking through multiple different talented individuals in a close knit community. One gets to see how the tools and techniques that are being taught in classes are applied to a complex industry like healthcare. Not everyone has the burning desire to dive into healthcare, however for less than a meal at McDonald's, you can see if you have an interest in healthcare. SHS is a great opportunity to see more research of traditional Industrial and Systems Engineering tools applied in ways that never could have been possible if manufacturing was the only route.

Personally, I have met multiple different leaders within this industry and visionaries outside the industry. One of the best benefits of joining SHS is the gained insight into possible internships and full time jobs within the healthcare sector. Since joining SHS a year ago, I have gained an enormous amount of experience to help my future career in healthcare. I have worked an internship at Healthcare Systems Engineering Institute at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. I have gained valuable insight into a sector of the economy that desperately needs Industrial and Systems Engineering. Finally, I have seen how the power of Industrial and Systems Engineering can affect the lives of people who are less fortunate. The main reason that all of this started was that instead of buying a pair of cheap headphones, I chose to join SHS. Ever since then I have discovered what I want to do with my degree and how I can use my degree to help people. Come join us now, and we will see you at the Health Systems Process Improvement Conference in February.