IE Body of Knowledge

General Description

The IE Body of Knowledge (IEBoK) is a (41-page) document that represents a repository of essential information for the field of Industrial Engineering (IE), and it is made up knowledge areas representing a taxonomy of relevant IE concepts.

The IEBoK is comprised of twelve (12) knowledge areas. Each knowledge area is represented by an outline that defines what needs to be known to achieve a mastery in the field of IE.

In addition, a section of Related Topics is provided that includes closely associated areas with which an IE should be familiar.


The activities leading to the development of the BoK were initiated by IISEs Board of Trustees (BOT) in 2010 as an outcome of the annual strategic plan. The working draft version of the BoK was created by a team of volunteers and presented at the 2013 Annual Conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A draft version of the BoK was sent to the divisions and societies in 2013 to collect their input and review. After collecting the input from the divisions and societies a draft version of the IE BoK was submitted to the BOT with a request to define its ownership. The BOT charged the Technical Operations Board (TOB) with the long-term ownership of the IE BoK. In 2015, an IE BoK Task Force was created to develop recommendations for processes to use in the maintenance, revision, and dissemination of the IE BoK.

Governance Structure

The IISE BOT is responsible for approving changes to the IEBoK governance structure. The governance structure is composed of the Governing Board and the Content Review Board.

Governing Board 

The governing board makes policy for the IEBoK maintenance, updates, and dissemination. The governing board chair was elected in March 2016 serving a 3-year cycle, and the appointment of 6 members representing key stakeholders was completed in June 2016, each to serve a two year tem (renewable one time). The appointed members to the governing board represent an even combination of members from academia and industry.

Appointed July 2016

  • Diana Berry, UPS
  • Tarun Mohan Lal, Mayo Clinic
  • Peter Brust, Advanced Productivity Engineering
  • Young-Jun Son, U of A
  • Kim Needy, Arkansas
  • Ola Harrysson, NCSU

Content Review Board 

The content review board is comprised of subject experts who review and approve all new content and revision to the IEBoK. The content review board was appointed a Senior Editor in March 2016 serving a minimum of 2 years. The Senior Editor is currently in the process of finalizing appointing Area Editors who will be responsible for reviewing new content submitted by stakeholders and revisions, as well as directing the development of new content.

Appointed July 2016

  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Ed Pound
  • Richard Elliott
  • Baski Balasundaram
  • Murat Kurt
  • Thomas Shakey
  • Kellie Grasman
  • Joe Wilck
  • Russ Meller
  • Sundaresh Heragu
  • Yu Ding
  • Elsayed Elsayed
  • Soundar Kumara
  • Maury Nussbaum
  • Gary Chen
  • Joe Geunes
  • Xin Chen
  • Ismail Capar
  • Jayant Rajgopal
  • Gopal Easwaran
  • Suzanna Long
  • Beth Cudney
  • Edson Piheiro De Lima
  • David Kaber
  • Gerry Knapp
  • David Porter
  • Seokcheon Lee
  • Ben Wang
  • Gul Kremer
  • Rick Wysk
  • Lewis Ntaimo
  • Ed Pohl
  • Paul Componation

Next Steps

The governing board and the content review board will be working together in 2016 to define policies and procedures for the maintenance, updates, additions, and dissemination of the IEBoK.

(rev. 7-2016)