Their just rewards

Annual Conference fetes honorees at Disneyland gala

A solid reward for a job (or paper, or research project) well done can make all the difference in the world. And what better reward than a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the site of the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2016?

For years, IISE, its sponsors and members have endowed a plethora of scholarships, fellowships and honors to reward academics, practitioners and students and enhance the profession of industrial and systems engineering. This year's winners are listed below.

Frank & Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award

G. Kemble Bennett, Texas A&M University

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award

Richard Cassady, University of Arkansas

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award

Jianjun (Jan) Shi, Georgia Tech


  • David Ben-Arieh, Kansas State University
  • Satish Bukkapatnam, Texas A&M University
  • Alan Hoi-shou Chan, City University of Hong Kong
  • Lauralee (Lee) Cromarty, HID Global
  • Ken Currie, West Virginia University
  • Walter Garvin, Jabil Circuit Inc.
  • Jean Ann Larson, Jean Ann Larson & Associates
  • Jose Macedo, California Polytechnic State University
  • Cesar Malave, Texas A&M University
  • Jessica Matson, Tennessee Tech University
  • William (Tim) McGlothlin, Ergonomics Center of North Carolina
  • Kevin McManus, Great Systems!
  • Gary Moynihan, University of Alabama
  • Heather Nachtmann, University of Arkansas
  • Dennis Oates, Amazon
  • Jayant Rajgopal, University of Pittsburgh
  • John Templin, Templin Management Associates

Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Early Career IE in Academia

Erick Moreno-Centeno, Texas A&M University

Outstanding Early Career IE in Business/Industry

Tarun Mohan Lal, Mayo Clinic

Outstanding Middle Career IE Leadership Award for Business/Industry

Sean Genovese, Boeing

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award

Kazuo Takeda, Disney

George L. Smith International Award for Excellence in Promotion of Industrial Engineering

Hamid Parsaei, Texas A&M University/Qatar

Award for Technical Innovation

Rajan Batta, University at Buffalo, SUNY

UPS Minority Advancement Award

Paul Leu, University of Pittsburgh

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award

Mark (Mahyar) Nejad, University of Oklahoma

James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence

Matthew Remy Aguirre, Texas A&M University

Graduate Research Award

Rebecca Widrick, AFIT

I5 Award

Carl Kirpes, GENESYS Systems Integrator

IISE/Rockwell Automation Student Simulation Competition (Sponsored by Rockwell Automation)

"Team ETS," Steeven Valois, Simon Lessard, Mathieu Dion and Marc Paquet (advisor), École de Technologie Supérieure

IISE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition (Sponsored by John Deere)

Lath Gbongbe, Ryerson University, "Data-driven Improvement in Alarm Fatigue Management"

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Awards

  • Global level honoree: Kamran Abedini (Western Region), California State Polytechnic University-Pomona
  • Other regional level honorees:
  • Central/South American Region: Belgica Quiroz, UNITEC - Honduras
  • Great Lakes Region: Alper Murat, Wayne State University
  • Mexican Region: Rosa Hilda Felix Jacquez, Instituto Tecnologico de San Luis Potosi
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Eileen Van Aken, Virginia Tech
  • Middle East Region: Adnan Al-Bashir, The Hashemite University-Jordan
  • North Central Region: Matt Frank, Iowa State University
  • Northeast Region: John Kaemmerlen, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Southeast Region: Nina Miville, University of Miami


A.O. Putnam Memorial Scholarships

  • Jack Francis, Mississippi State University
  • Garrett White, University of Pittsburgh

C.B. Gambrell Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Meghan Byham, Clemson University
  • Derek Sasthav, The Ohio State University

CISE Scholarship

Abby Hutton, Texas A&M University

Dwight D. Gardner Scholarships

  • Sarah Abdelaziz, Rutgers University
  • James Dickson, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Pablo Poza Guerra, University of Southern California

E.J. Sierleja Memorial Fellowship

Seyed Shahab Mofidi, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Gilbreth Memorial Fellowships

  • Kylie Gomes, Clemson University
  • Hannah Lobban, University of Oklahoma
  • Shalane Moore, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Megan Snelling, University of Oklahoma

Harold and Inge Marcus Scholarships

  • Clay Chipps, West Virginia University
  • Anthony Galante, University of Pittsburgh
  • Erin Glavin, Arizona State University
  • Abigail Hilliard, Kansas State University
  • Alejandro Moreno, Northeastern University

Henry and Elisabeth Kroeze Scholarship

Daniel Shirley, University of Florida

IISE Council of Fellows Scholarships

  • Zachary May, Kansas State University
  • Justin Traino, University of Pittsburgh

John F. Fargher Scholarship

Nicholas Loree, Ohio University

John L. Imhoff Scholarships

  • Liliana Delgado, University of Arkansas
  • Alisa Noll, The Ohio State University
  • Ronny Pacheco, Oklahoma State University

Lisa Zaken Award for Excellence

Ashley Martof, Youngstown State University

Marvin Mundel Memorial Scholarships

  • Andrew Anderson, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Abbey Hunt, The University of Iowa

Presidents Scholarship

John (Jack) Schroder, The Ohio State University

Society for Health Systems Scholarship

Emily Collins, Kansas State University

UPS Scholarship for Female Students

Camille Jones, Ohio University

UPS Scholarship for Minority Students

W.R. Alexander Berry, Georgia Institute of Technology


CIS Division Mobile App Competition

QuickPredict, Jingwen (Jess) Li, Josh Binder and Kyle Houser, The Pennsylvania State University

Construction Division Student Paper Award (Sponsored by ConAm Group)

Sadegh Asgari, Columbia University, "Simulating Construction Bidding Using Agent-based Modeling"

Engineering Economy Division Teaching Award

Kellie Grasman, Missouri Science and Technology

Engineering Economy Wellington Award

Alice Smith, Auburn University

Lean Division Best Practice Competition

Nikhil Pal, Roland Tang and Sanjeev Verma, Jabil Circuit Singapore, "Lean Culture Transformation – Next Level"

Lean Division Student Paper Award (Sponsored by J T. and the late Carol Black)

Girish Upreti, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, "Improving the Hospital Discharge Process Using Lean Approach"

Lean Division Teaching Award (Sponsored by Lean Enterprise Value Foundation)

  • MD Sarder, University of Southern Mississippi
  • HungDa Wan, University of Texas, San Antonio

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Best Student Paper Award (Sponsored by APL Logistics)

Saba Al-Sayouri, Binghamton University, "Robust-optimization Models of Buyer-vendor Inventory for Supply Chain Coordination"

Logistics and Supply Chain Division Teaching Award (Sponsored by APL Logistics)

Ashlea Bennett Milburn, University of Arkansas

Manufacturing and Design Division Best Student Paper Award

Sanjay Shrestha, Youngstown State University, "Experimental Investigation of Micro Scale Contact Fatigue Wear Damage of EBM-built T16AL4V Surface"

Manufacturing and Design Division Outstanding Service Award

Lourdes Medina, University of Puerto Rico

Manufacturing and Design Division Young Investigator Award

Guha Manogharan, Youngstown State University

Operational Research Division Teaching Award

  • Murat Kurt, University at Buffalo
  • Thomas Sharkey, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Operations Research Division Undergraduate Student Research Dissemination Award

Benjamin Rachunok, North Carolina State University

Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division Golomski Award

Gurmukh Advani and Om Prakash Yadav, North Dakota State University

Quality Control and Reliability Engineering Division Student Paper Competition

Wujun Si, Wayne State University, "An Enhanced Functional Linear Model and Application in Reliability Analysis by Utilizing Material Microstructures."

Society for Engineering and Management Systems Best Student Paper Award (Sponsored by Missouri University of Science & Technology and University of Arkansas)

Shuchisnigdha Deb, Mississippi State University, "Identification of External Design Preferences in Autonomous Vehicles"

Society for Health Systems Student Paper Competition – Graduate Level

Kun Wang, Arizona State University, "Radiology Efficiency Dashboard: A Prototype for Radiology Quality Improvements"

Sustainable Development Division Best Student Paper Award

Pranay Devnani, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "Cloud Based End-of-Life Product Recovery"

Sustainable Development Division Teaching Award

Gregory Weisenborn, Fort Hays State University

IIE Annual Student Design Competition

Sponsored by the Grado Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech and Texas Tech University 

1st Place – ParQueen
Joshua Connelly, Auburn University
Johnson Kan, University of Waterloo
Sarah Van Valkenburgh, University of Florida

2nd Place – Steer-Clear
Adam Harrison, West Virginia University
Joey Newfeld, University of Miami
Lexi Scott, Texas A&M University

3rd Place – Health Connect
Jannah Abdallah, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Evan McIntyre, West Virginia University

ISERC Best Track Papers Awards

Computer and Information Systems: Susana Lai-Yuen and Iman Nekooeimehr, University of South Florida, "Cluster-Based Weighted Oversampling for Ordinal Regression (CWOS-Ord)"

Continuous Improvement (Lean and Six Sigma): Lawrence Alfandi, American University of the Middle East, "Application of Lean Six Sigma Methodology in an Outpatient Department in a Private Hospital"

Engineering Economic Analysis: Mingzhou Jin, PJ Vlok and Anahita Khojandi, The University of Tennessee; and Franco van Wyka and PJ Vlok, the University of Stellenbosch; "Incorporating Business in Physical Asset Replacement: A Case in the Mining Industry"

Engineering Management: Musa Demirtas and Nima Ahmadi, Western New England University; and Mohammad Dehghanimohammadabadi, Northeastern University; "Highlighting the Main Factors of Internet Banking via Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis"

Energy Systems: Youngjun Choe, Eunshin Byon and Jionghua Jin, University of Michigan; Grace Guo, Rutgers University; and Jingjing Li, University of Hawaii; "Change-Point Detection in Solar Panel Performance Analysis"

Facilities Design and Planning: Hueon Lee, John White and Shengfan Zhang, University of Arkansas, "The Dynamic Block Stacking Problem with Random Demand"

Healthcare Systems: Ran Zhang, University of South Florida; and Bo Zeng, University of Pittsburgh; "Ambulance Location and Relocation through Two-stage Robust Optimization"

International: Rodolfo Rubio, Universidad Popular Autonoma de Puebla; Horman Millan, ITS; and Homero Hector Contreras Pulido, Zelaya Consultores; "Design of an Operational Excellence Model for Clusters"

Logistics and Supply Chain: Mohammad Moshref-Javadi and Seokcheon Lee, Purdue University, "Formulations and Valid Inequalities for Minimum Latency Problem with Split Delivery"

Manufacturing and Engineering Design: Krystel Castillo-Villar and Hernan Chavez, The University of Texas at San Antonio, "Stochastic Multiobjective Simulated Annealing for the Optimization of Machining Parameters"

Modeling and Simulation: OluFemi Omitaomu, Ester Parish and Philip Nugent, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, "A Decision Analysis Tool for Climate Impacts, Adaptations and Vulnerabilities"

National Security: Keith DeGregory, United States Military Academy; and Rajesh Ganesan, George Mason University; "Approximate Dynamic Programming for Scheduling Federal Air Marshals in Real Time"

Operations Research: Hadi Farhangi, Dincer Konur and Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology, "A Separation Method for the Multiobjective Set Covering Problem"

Production Planning and Scheduling: Leila Jafari, Farnoosh Naderkhani, Nooshin Salari and Viliam Makis, University of Toronto, "Optimal Maintenance and EMQ Policy for a Deteriorating Production System"

Quality Control and Reliability: Dingguo Hua, Rutgers University; and Elsayed Elsayed, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; "Reliability Optimization of k-out-of-n Pairs: G Balanced Systems"

Safety, Human Factors and Ergonomics: Michael Miller, Sungbin Kim and Christina Rusnock, Air Force Institute of Technology, "Aiding Call Sign Recognition through Spatial Audio"

Service and Work Systems: Seunghan Lee and Young-Jun Son, The University of Arizona, "Extending Decision Field Theory to a Multi-agent Decision-making with Forgetting"

Social, Environmental and Sustainability: Yinglei Li, Sunghoon Chung, Neha Savant and Sara Kohtz, Binghamton University, "Evacuation Planning under Uncertainty using Public Transit Systems"

Systems Engineering and Design: William Joyce and James Luxhoj, Rutgers University, "Safety Risk Modeling of a UAS for Monitoring Beach Erosion"

ISERC Posters (Sponsored by APL Logistics)

First place
Andres Calle, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
"Experimental Design Analysis of Stir Casting of Enhanced Aluminum Filler Reinforced With NbB2 Nanoparticles"
Abstract #1062

Second place
Zaynab Mahbooba, North Carolina State University
"Tailoring Microstructure in AM"
Abstract #1135

Third place
Jennifer Coppola, Northeastern University
"Applications of Genetic Algorithms to Three Intractable Healthcare Optimizations"
Abstract #1043

IIE Transactions Awards

Design and Manufacturing Best Paper: Toyin Clottey, Iowa State University; and W.C. Benton Jr., Ohio State University; "Determining Core Acquisition Quantities When Products have Long Return Lags"

Design and Manufacturing Best Application Paper: Li Zeng, Texas A&M University; and Nan Chen, National University of Singapore; "Bayesian Hierarchical Modeling for Monitoring Optical Profiles in Low-E Glass Manufacturing Processes"

Quality and Reliability Engineering Best Paper: Linkan Bian, Mississippi State University; Nagi Gebraeel, Georgia Institute of Technology; and Jeffrey Kharoufeh, University of Pittsburgh; "Degradation Modeling for Real-time Estimation of Residual Lifetimes in Dynamic Environments"

Quality and Reliability Engineering Best Application Paper: Ralph Gailis, Ajith Gunatilaka and Alex Skvortsov, HPP Division, Defense Science and Technology Organization; Leo Lopes and Kate Smith-Miles, SAS Institute; and Kate Smith-Miles, Monash University; "Managing Uncertainty in Early Estimation of Epidemic Behaviors using Scenario Trees"

Operations Engineering and Analytics Best Paper: Arnab Bisi, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School; Karanjit Kalsi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; and Golnaz Abdollahian, University of California, Santa Barbara; "A Nonparametric Adaptive Algorithm for the Censored Newsvendor Problem"

Operations Engineering and Analytics Best Application Paper: Douglas Bish, Ebru Bish and Ryan Xie, Virginia Tech; and Susan Stramer, American Red Cross; "Going Beyond 'Same-for-all' Testing of Infectious Agents in Donated Blood"

Scheduling and Logistics Best Paper: Anantaram Balakrishnan, University of Texas at Austin; and Harihara Prasad Natarajan, University of Miami; "Designing Fee Tables for Retail Delivery Services by Third-Party Logistics Providers"

Scheduling and Logistics Best Application Paper: Subhash Sarin, Hanif Sherali and Lingrui Liao, Virginia Tech; "Primary Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Scheduling Problem"

IISE Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year

"Engineering Decision Making and Risk Management," Jeffrey Herrmann, University of Maryland

Chapter Awards

Listed with chapter president


  • Costa Rica, Diógenes Alvarez
  • Los Angeles, Michael Duncan
  • National Capital (D.C.), Sean Gahagan
  • Pittsburgh, Sugani Leman
  • South Jersey Delaware Valley, Kevin Drevik
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota, Tracey Bauer
  • Wichita, Kansas, John Huffman


  • Central Connecticut, Brian Nathanson
  • Detroit, Britney Beyer
  • Greater Kansas City, Anita Noller
  • Memphis, Tennessee, Ryan Groves
  • Milwaukee, Scot Siebers
  • Raritan Valley, New Jersey, Diego Saiz


  • Long Island, New York, Thomas Fiorella
  • Raleigh, North Carolina, Haleh Byrne
  • Reading, Pennsylvania, Tom Flock
  • Richmond, Virginia, Mark Oakes
  • Rochester, New York, John Kaemmerlen

Most Improved: Greater Kansas City
Phoenix Award: Houston

Chapter Newsletter Awards
Listed with editor


  • Greater Detroit, Britney Beyer
  • National Capital, Martin Franklin
  • Pittsburgh, Chris Mensah
  • South Jersey Delaware Valley, John McGowan
  • Twin Cities, Jenna Weiland


  • Central Connecticut, Julie Drzymalski and Brian Nathanson
  • Long Island, New York, Tom Fiorella
  • Milwaukee, Kim Listermann