Kevin McManus 

Performance by Kevin McManus

Finding effective fixes
All too often, we fall in love with fixes that are directed at fixing people because such fixes seem easier and lower in cost. All too often, those fixes fail.

Paul Engle 

Management by Paul Engle

Big data is here, so get ready
Analyzing billions or trillions of records requires a different, unconventional approach. Each record might be of little value. But multiplied by billions or trillions, the data could yield insights into most any subject, especially if analyzed over time. 


Health Systems by William "Ike" Eisenhauer

Pulling the improvement cart
A massive effort gathers the data, builds the reports, aligns the ratio and compares the peers. After that, however, often comes a daydream with no action. Improvement requires action.


Supply Chain by Jim Tompkins

Seven steps to supply chain redesign
As companies expand their understanding of their supply chains, the supply chain's impact on stakeholder value and its role in business and operational strategies, the question of the most effective organizational design has risen to the executive suite.