The Frugal Ergonomic Engineer

Presenter: Leonard Walsh, assistant professor & program director, CNC Machining and Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Goodwin College
"The Frugal Ergonomic Engineer" instinctively combines creative engineering, imaginative ergonomics and wildly the most unorthodox lean manufacturing techniques for those on very tight budgets. Frugal does not mean cheap. Frugal does, however, put to wise, practical, and good use what items are already available to you or easily obtained. 
Fundamentally, items or components that no one wants discarded or ready to be thrown out. Repurposed, reused and recycled, think again; what you get is a host of new tools, inventions and faster methods of assembly production and money to the bottom line. Practical, simple and easy on the operator is always and foremost the goal.