How Do I Choose The Correct Ergo Assessment Tool(s)?

Presenter: Jim Potvin, Ph.D., emeritus professor, McMaster University

There are usually many assessment tools available when performing an ergonomic analysis of occupational tasks. Unfortunately, the use of multiple (seemingly appropriate) tools will often give you different answers, if you are attempting to determine whether a task is acceptable, or requires redesign.

The purpose of this webinar will be to provide some specific information about what criteria to use when determining which tool or tools are most appropriate when deciding on acceptable loads. I will provide some general principles regarding how to identify the strengths and limitations of various approaches to ergonomics assessment (e.g. biomechanics, psychophysics, physiology, epidemiology etc.), especially with regards to their validity within certain ranges of frequencies and/or duty cycles. Within this webinar, I will focus on lifting, as an example of a task where multiple assessment tools are available, but all are not necessarily valid for each condition.

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