Will Sitting Kill Us? If So, What Can We Do? If Not, Why All the Hype?

Presenter: Peter Budnick, Ph.D., C.P.E., chief executive officer, Ergoweb®

There's a great deal of talk lately about the dangers of sitting. "Sitting is the new smoking," reads one headline; "Sitting kills," reads another. Is this true? If so, what can we do about it? If not, how do we respond to the growing concerns? In this webinar Peter Budnick will provide an overview of the evidence surrounding potential dangers associated with prolonged sitting. He'll also explore how ergonomists, purchasers and manufacturers are dealing with the growing demand from employees and consumers that have heard that "sitting kills." What alternatives to prolonged sitting do we have, and what potential benefits or concerns might they create? Should such alternatives be incorporated into standard work and purchasing procedures? What types of purchasing policies are being implemented to discourage, or encourage, alternatives to seated work? Will the office chair become a thing of the past? Will a fear of sitting impact the future of office design and work flow? Join this webinar for a reality check on the "sitting kills" debate as well as an exploration of the impact this topic is having on the way we work.

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