Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor

Created by the Productivity Press Development Team


Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor is an excellent guide to understanding, identifying, and eliminating shop floor waste. It is part of the Shopfloor Series books and is organized in the same easy to follow straightforward method of presenting concepts, tools, and examples in simple language.

The book begins defining waste, how it occurs and the benefits of eliminating waste. The second chapter goes in to great detail about the seven types of wastes. The causes of each type of waste, approaches to eliminate the waste and a checklist for each waste are given. The next chapter discusses methods for discovering waste and analyzing current conditions. The fourth chapter presents methods for removing waste in the movement of goods, the actions of people, and the way people, goods and machines are combined. In each type of waste a table is included that gives causes of the waste, ways to eliminate the waste, and expected resistance. The next chapter discusses methods to prevent waste such as visual and auditory controls and the 5W and 1H sheet. The final chapter has the reader reflect on what they have learned and conclusions.

The outline and structure of the book provide an excellent strategy for identifying and eliminating waste. The book is written and organized in a very easy to understand format that can provide a strong background to creating a training program. The tools, charts and tactics presented in the book can be incorporated easily into a manufacturing process. The approaches given in the book are very simple and cost-effective. Along with the tools and methods for eliminating waste, the challenges that may be encountered are discussed which is very beneficial when introducing a new concept.

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