Ceremony for Installation of Chapter Officers

Introduction of Officers

Installing Officer

The next order of business is the installation of officers for the chapter for the ensuing year The membership of the chapter looks to the Board of Directors and officers to take care of their interests, to plan for the future, and to operate the chapter in such a manner as to be beneficial to all. The secretary will now read the names of the officers elected to serve the chapter for the ensuing year. As your names are read, will the officers elect please come forward for installation.

(Secretary calls names of officers beginning with president.)

Officers’ Pledge

Installing Officer

You are duly elected officers of the _____________ Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers for the period of (Month/Day/Year) through (Month/Day/Year). In accepting these offices, you assume certain responsibilities and duties. Among these is your responsibility to endorse, believe in, and work for the objectives of the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

We require our officers to attest to the following pledge, subscribed to and adopted by this chapter and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

“I do solemnly pledge to serve my profession and the Institute of Industrial Engineers as an officer of the _____________ Chapter to the best of my ability. With the realization that my actions will be accepted by other engineers and the public as representative of this society and of the Industrial Engineering profession. I shall strive to conduct myself so as to earn for myself and my fellow engineers a reputation of having the highest moral and professional standards.

I shall diligently endeavor to uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of this chapter and of the society as well as the provisions of the Canons of Ethics for Engineers.

I shall constantly work for the improvement of the body of principles and knowledge as well as for the realization of the philosophy of Industrial Engineering, for the professional development of industrial engineers, and for the growth and success of this chapter and the Institute of Industrial Engineers.”

Do you agree to this pledge and promise faithful obedience to the dictates of its principles and the duties of the office you are about to assume? If so, answer “I do.”

Officers Elect (in unison)

“I do.”

Recognition of Officers and Charge to Membership

Installing Officer

It is now my pleasure to recognize you as duly elected officers of the ___________ Chapter of the Institute of Industrial Engineers for the ensuing year and to offer you hearty congratulations and best wishes for a successful and fruitful year on behalf of myself and the entire membership.

To you, the membership, these are the officers you have elected to govern your chapter for the ensuing year. The administration of the chapter has been placed in their hands; however, the success of the chapter depends upon the cooperation they receive from you in carrying out their directives and objectives. The measure of accomplishments depends upon individual application to the tasks assigned. They will look to you to furnish them the sympathetic help, experience, and support to accomplish the goals desired and achieve the best results from our individual and collective efforts.

(The program may be followed by acceptance speeches, if desired).