Officer Descriptions

The following descriptions of the traditional duties of each chapter officer are provided strictly as a guideline or starting point for your chapter.  You are encouraged to design your chapter officer job descriptions to suit your chapter’s unique needs.


  • Hold strategic planning meeting to determine chapter goals, objectives and strategies.
  • Create (with input from Board) annual Chapter Plan document and communicate to board, members, and Region Vice President (RVP).
  • Maintain ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all chapter requirements are met and that the chapter is operated according to the specifications of the IIE and chapter Constitution & By-laws.
  • Serve as primary point of contact with IIE leadership, Headquarters staff, and all outside companies, organizations, and individuals.  Process mail from Headquarters and forward to appropriate board members.
  • Oversee and coordinate activities of all other officers, board members, committee chairs, etc.
  • Plan and run monthly board meetings.
  • Establish and oversee committees as necessary.
  • Write monthly president’s message for newsletter.
  • Develop, assist, motivate, and recognize all other officers.
  • Coordinate election of officers for next year.
  • Train President-elect, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration.
  • Attend Leadership Training either in Region or at annual conference.

Vice President or President-elect

  • Assist the President as required and assume his/her duties when necessary due to President’s absence.
  • Compile information/documentation and prepare Chapter Activity Report.
  • Purchase and present gift to president at end of chapter year.
  • Attend Leadership Training either in Region or at annual conference.
  • Train new VP or President-Elect, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration.


  • Take and distribute minutes for each board meeting.
  • Keep officer slate up to date and forward to IIE Headquarters.
  • Maintain records of chapter correspondence and minutes and assist with chapter correspondence as required.
  • Maintain sufficient quantities of chapter stationery and provide this to chapter officers and board members as requested.
  • Train new Secretary, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration.


  • >Prepare (with input from board) annual budget.
  • Maintain chapter bank accounts and keep the books..
  • Based upon financial statements, update budget monthly and prepare monthly account summaries for review at board meetings..
  • Collect money and issue receipts at all chapter functions.
  • Deposit receipts and pay chapter bills in a timely fashion.
  • Plan annual audit..
  • Submit annual tax form(s).
  • Train new Treasurer, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration..

Program Director

  • Prepare (with Board and member input) a schedule of chapter programs for the year. .
  • Solicit volunteers for the Program Committee and oversee its activities, including:.
    • Identifying, selecting, and handling all arrangements with speakers.
    • Identifying, arranging, and coordinating logistics for plant and facility tours.
    • Soliciting input from chapter members regarding potential topics.
  • Provide information about programs to the newsletter editor and other officers for publication/distribution in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that Evaluation Forms are bompleted by all attendees at each chapter program.
  • Compile, analyze, and summarize monthly/annual Program Evaluations.
  • Provide information regarding speakers or plant tour hosts to chapter Secretary for thank you letters.
  • Provide summary write-up of programs for newsletter each month..
  • Collect money and provide receipts if Treasurer is not present.
  • Collect monthly attendance data and report to Newsletter Editor for newsletter and to the VP for the CAR..
  • Introduce speakers at monthly meetings and present thank you gifts.
  • Train new Program Director, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration..

Membership Director

  • Develop (with Board input) and oversee implementation of an annual plan for member recruitment and retention.
  • Solicit volunteers for the Membership Committee and oversee its activities, including:.
    • greeting and welcoming attendees at chapter events and identifying potential new members (if there is no chapter Hospitality Committee or other group responsible for this function).
    • developing lists of prospective new members.
    • sending out IIE membership information.
    • establishing “IIE liaisons” at all the major local companies employing IEs.
  • Keep chapter membership database up to date based upon monthly roster received from IIE Headquarters.  Maintain database of non-members to receive mailings—e.g. “friends” of the chapter, local company IE department heads, former members, etc.  Ensure the IIE Headquarters Membership Coordinator, RVP, and Presidents of bordering chapters are in the database for distribution of chapter material..
  • Contact new members to welcome them to the chapter with an information packet..
  • Verify members’ address/telephone/email/preferred mailing address and notify HQ of any updates.
  • Contact members whose membership is about to expire with a reminder to renew membership.
  • Provide address labels to newsletter editor for mailings..
  • Provide newsletter editor with a monthly list of new members for the “Welcome New Members” section of the newsletter.
  • Report the membership level as of Dec. 31 for the CAR..
  • Prepare and print annual member directory.
  • Train new Membership Director, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration..

Newsletter Editor

  • Prepare (with Board input) an annual plan for the chapter newsletter, including editorial/column responsibilities, deadlines, advertising (if any), and budget.
  • Solicit, receive, organize, and edit articles and lay out newsletter, maintaining standards suggested by IIE Newsletter Competition Guidelines.
  • Ensure timely mailing/distribution (at least two weeks prior to monthly chapter programs).
  • Coordinate electronic distribution and/or posting on home page (if applicable).
  • Ensure newsletters are distributed to the IIE Headquarters, RVP, and Presidents of bordering chapters..
  • Prepare and submit annual newsletter completion form by January 31.  Provide copy to VP for the CAR..
  • Train new Newsletter Editor, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration..

Student Affairs Director

Serve as liaison with local student chapter officers and faculty advisor, including:

  • Attend student chapter events whenever possible.
  • Ensure that senior chapter events are communicated/publicized to the student chapter and that student members are encouraged to attend.
  • Coordinate senior chapter’s support of student chapter events and programs, especially the University Region Conference, through financial donations, senior member attendance and participation, etc..
  • Encourage student chapter to assign a Senior Chapter Liaison to attend senior chapter board meetings, coordinate communication, etc..
  • Coordinate at least one joint senior-student chapter event or program each year.
  • Coordinate member involvement in activities for and outreach to local high schools and middle schools, including.
  • Judging at science fairs and other science/technology events.
  • Coordinating and arranging mentoring/shadowing experiences.
  • Coordinating and arranging speakers for career nights or classroom visits.
  • Coordinate chapter’s National Engineers Week involvement (if no other officer is responsible for this activity).
  • Oversee awarding of chapter scholarship(s) if applicable (if no other officer is responsible for this activity).
  • Train new Student Affairs Director, turn over all records and documents, and ensure smooth transition to next administration..

Other Board/Committee Chair Roles

CAR Director—ensures all necessary data is collected for submission of the Chapter Activity Report; reminds officers and other board members of key dates and deadlines for the CAR requirements; ensures submission of CAR form to HQ and RVP within the submission deadline; monitors chapter health status with regard to CAR measurements and suggests improvements

Community Affairs Director —coordinates chapter/member involvement in community projects

Business/Industry Outreach and Liaison Director —develops and maintains contacts in the local business community; serves as liaison/communication contact with local employers’ IE department heads and managers; ensures/facilitates communication about IE and about chapter events to key people in local companies

Webmaster—maintains chapter web page, performs updates on a regular basis, coordinates content and appearance, post program schedule, meeting descriptions, and direction, inserts links to IIE Web site and sites of potential interest to members.

Career Services/Job Bank Director —maintains files of member resumes and/or job openings and helps publicize both; contacts companies to solicit job vacancy announcements; coordinates other career/job search-oriented activities such as seminars on networking, resume writing, etc., visits/programs by local executive search firms; point of contact for headhunters, employers, and job-seekers.

Marketing/Communications/Public Relations Director —promotes the profession, the Institute, and the chapter’s programs and services; maintains a list of press contacts for the local newspapers and deadlines for submission to the Sunday paper, etc., maintains contacts with local radio and television stations; regularly forwards information, press releases, etc.