IISE Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for 2019-20




March 6 Presidents meeting Norcross, Ga. 
March 7-8 Spring leadership meeting Norcross, Ga.
May 18-21 In conjunction with the IISE Annual Conference & Expo Orlando, Fla.
Oct. 10-11 Fall leadership meeting Norcross, Ga.
March 11 Presidents meeting  Norcross, Ga. 
March 12-13 Spring leadership meeting  Norcross, Ga. 
May 30-June 2 In conjunction with the IISE Annual Conference & Expo  New Orleans
Oct. 15-16 Fall leadership meeting  Norcross, Ga.

Leadership meetings can include Board of Trustees, councils or any other organized committees and task forces as determined appropriate by the Board of Trustees to accomplish the planned agenda.