SHS Members of the Month - 2011

Steve Escamilla  

December 2011 - Steve Escamilla

Steve consistently volunteers his time to SHS in many ways. He was an integral decision-maker on the Board Nominating Committee, specifically supporting the nomination effort as we identified a great slate of Board of Director Candidates.


Kevin Martin 

November 2011 - Kevin Martin

Kevin is  a Performance Improvement Leader for Carbon Health Systems. He has authored or coordinated development of two publications which are now available on the SHS website. The first is a presentation outlining Meaningful Use requirements and their implications for Healthcare IEs, and the second is a group-authored presentation intended as an orientation tool for those new  to Healthcare Industrial Engineering. In both of these, he volunteered his time and efforts in support for the Tools and Content committee for further the information base of the Society, to the benefits of its members.


Matt Kopetsky 150 


October 2011 - Matt Kopetsky

Matt was active in the society as a student member and now serves on the Communication committee. He has been very involved in planning, developing and contributing content to the committee's new SHS Social Media strategy. Matt has played a key role in the launch of SHS Blogs and Blogging opportunities that will become more visible and available to members in the coming months. 

Matt also works with the student committee and is an editor for the SHS Facebook page. Matt's leadership and contributions are strengthening the Society's presence in the social media world.



September 2011 - Rudy Santacroce

Rudy Santacroce of Shands HealthCare at the University of Florida is currently actively serving as a volunteer SHS committee member. He has presented multiple times at SHS conferences including the 2011 SHS Conference in Orlando and has contributed content for the May 2011 issue of the SHS Newsletter. Rudy also developed a successful internship program for IE students at Shands HealthCare.


Narges Hosseini 


August 2011 - Narges Hosseini

Narges is a doctoral candidate at Clemson University and has been an active member of the SHS Academic/Student Committee for the last two years. She was integral in the creation of the SHS conference student mentoring program. The program has been very successful and continues to receive positive reviews from both mentors and students. She recently spearheaded the creation of a new SHS academic webinar series which began in July 2011. These webinars allow researchers the opportunity to share their research and endeavors with other SHS members and academicians.



July 2011 - Heather Vass

Heather is employed by Premier Inc. and is a volunteer on the SHS Membership Committee.  She did a great job in leading and developing the new SHS-only membership option her first year with the committee. In addition to that, she stepped up to the plate and agreed to co-chair the committee this year. She has worked tirelessly to ensure the committee's success including spearheading the development of a membership survey which was a huge success (as judged by the response rate). Her leadership of the committee has been extemporary this year. Heather is a great SHS advocate as is proven by her continued support and leadership of the membership committee. Heather actively serves the membership of SHS through tireless efforts on the membership committee.

John Cook  

June 2011 - John Cook

While being a member of SHS for more than seven years, John has been a past SHS Board member. He routinely staffs the SHS Booth at HIMSS, which is imperative for SHS to recruit members at the HIMSS conference. John is an active participant supporting students in the Region 6 IISE Chapter as the Advisor to the student committee and won the 2009 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Recognition Award for the region. He has acted as Chair of the Student/Academic Committee of SHS and has been a consistent attendee of the SHS Annual Meeting. He has been willing to participate in the SHS DOME focus group.

Junell Scheeres 


May 2011 - Junell Scheeres

Junell provides a face to SHS by being a regular contributor to the monthly IE magazine. She has more than 25 years of industrial engineering experience improving healthcare in the military, public and private sectors. She is a Diplomate and previous Board member for SHS. Through her monthly contributions, she brings awareness to SHS and the healthcare industry. Her articles are continuously consistent and informative.

Curt Niekamp 

April 2011 - Curt Niekamp

As the 2011 SHS Conference Committee Chair, Curt organized an outstanding gathering for the Society. This successful three-day event pulled together over 300 professionals from the clinical, quality and performance improvement arenas and 50+ students to learn about engineering principles, concepts, and methodologies in an effort to optimize system performance and increase patient safety. The 2011 SHS Conference was a huge success due to Curt's hard work in orchestrating the entire event.

Sara Bockelman  

February 2011 - Sarah Bockelmann

Sarah actively serves the membership of SHS through tireless efforts on the Membership Committee. She is employed  as performance improvement engineer at Franciscan Skemp Mayo Health System in La Crosse, Wis.


January 2011 - Lauren Hess

Lauren has done an outstanding job as Chairman of the SHS Student/Academic Committee. One of her critical duties is ensuring she has a vibrant, productive team, and she has been hugely successful at this. In her short tenure as the Committee Chair,  she has found a way to motivate committee volunteers to execute activity on the SHS Facebook page, identify needs for students at the SHS annual conference and is spearheading new ways to engage IE students in healthcare.