Following a winning tradition

Super Bowl winning quarterbacks go to Disney World. This year’s crop of award winners came close, as the IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2012 was held in Orlando, Fla., land of Disney, Mickey Mouse and dreams. We can’t report with surety that the victors visited Mickey after the honors and awards presentation. But at least some of their dreams came true. This year’s winners are listed below:

Frank & Lillian Gilbreth Industrial Engineering Award

Louis Martin-Vega, North Carolina State University

Captains of Industry

John McGlade, Air Products and Chemicals Inc.
Susan Story, Southern Company Services

Medallion Award

Adedeji Badiru, Air Force Institute of Technology

David F. Baker Distinguished Research Award

Ron Rardin, University of Arkansas

Albert G. Holzman Distinguished Educator Award

Alice Smith, Auburn University


Jim Benneyan, Northeastern University
Richard Cassady, University of Arkansas
Sila Cetinkaya, Texas A&M University
Garry Coleman, Transformation Systems Inc.
Ted Eschenbach, TGE Consulting
Dave Goldsman, Georgia Tech
Kathy Kilmer, Disney
John Kobza, Texas Tech University
Jerome Lavelle, North Carolina State University
Sabah Randhawa, Oregon State University
Manuel Rossetti, University of Arkansas
Helmut Welke, John Deere
Ming Jian Zuo, University of Alberta

UPS Minority Advancement Award

Sponsored by UPS
Gloria Bender, TransSolutions

Fred C. Crane Distinguished Service Award

Toni Doolen, Oregon State University
Eileen Van Aken, Virginia Tech

Middle Career Leadership Award

Rona Pepmeier, Rolls Royce North America

Outstanding Young IE Award – Industry

Peter Buczkowski, Disney

Dr. Hamed K. Eldin Outstanding Young IE Award – Education

Satish Bukkapatnam, Oklahoma State University

Award for Technical Innovation

Ola Harrysson, North Carolina State University

Graduate Research Award

Saisrinivas Nageshwaraniyer, University of Arizona

Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award

First place: Siqian Shen, University of Michigan

James W. Barany Student Award for Excellence

First place: Erika Moody, Northeastern University

UPS Female Scholarship

Sponsored by UPS
Dunia Villaverde, University of Central Florida

UPS Minority Scholarship

Sponsored by UPS
Tatiana Viecco, University of Central Florida

Innovations in Curriculum Competition

First place: Joel Sokol and Steve Hackman, Georgia Tech
Second place: Julie Drzymalski, Western New England College
Third place: Diana Crossley and Larry Seiford, Tauber Institute for Global Operations, University of Michigan

Lean Division Best Practice Competition

First place: Ron Phipps, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Second place: Chris Nelson and Keith Rigoni, BAE Systems Inc.
Second place: Mark Nash, Pelco Inc.

IIE/Rockwell Automation Student Simulation Competition

Sponsored by Rockwell Automation
First place: Younghwa Kang, Minho Kim, Hyunseok Shin, “Super Awesome,” Kyonggi University; Advisor: Myeonsig Cho
Second place: Matthijs Brouns, Helene van Heijningen, “Huisje 8,” Technische Universiteit Delft; Advisor: L. J. Kortmann
Third place: Jonathon Brust, Joseph Timmer, Alan Toomsen, “Team Huskies,” Northern Illinois University; Advisor: Reinaldo Moraga

IIE Undergraduate Student Technical Paper Competition

Sponsored by John Deere
First place: Austin Buchanan, Oklahoma State University (South Central Region)
Second place: Xuanya Zhang Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Northeast Region)
Third place: Keveh “Kevin” Shamuilian, Cal Poly – Pomona (Western Region)

IIE Joint Publishers Book-of-the-Year

“Fundamentals of Supply Chain Theory,” Lawrence Snyder, Lehigh University and Zuo-Jun Max Shen, University of California-Berkeley

IIE Transactions Awards

Operations Engineering and Analysis Best Paper: “Approximate Dynamic Programming for Dynamic Capacity Allocation with Multiple Priority Levels,” Alexander Erdelyi and Huseyin Topaloglu

Operations Engineering and Analysis Best Application Paper: “Skart: A Skewness- and Autoregression-Adjusted Batch-Means Procedure for Simulation Analysis,” Ali Tafazzoli and James R. Wilson

Quality and Reliability Best Paper: “An Age- and State-Dependent Markov Model for Degradation Processes,” Massimiliano Giorgio, Maurizio Guida and Gianpaolo Pulcini

Quality and Reliability Best Application Paper: “Characterization of Nonlinear Profiles Variations using Mixed-Effect Models and Wavelets,” Kamran Paynabar and Jionghua (Judy) Jin

Scheduling and Logistics Best Paper: “Risk Analysis of Commitment-Option Contracts with Forecast Updates,” John Buzacott, Houmin Yan and Hanqin Zhang

ISERC Best Track Papers Awards

Computers and Information Systems: “Fast Detection of Overlapping Communities in Online Social Networks,” Akshay Ghurye and Soundar Kumara

Engineering Economy: “Time Valued Technology: Evaluating Infrastructure Replacement with Rapidly Emerging Technology,” Kevin Ochs, Michael Miller and Alfred E. Thal Jr.

Engineering Management: “Application of Dynamic State Variable Models on Multiple-Generation Products Lines with Cannibalization across Generations,” Chun-yu Lin and Gul E. Okudan

Facility Logistics: “A Warehouse Model for Replenishment to a Bottom-Level Forward Area with Random Storage,” Lisa Thomas and Russell Meller

Healthcare Systems: “A Dynamic Network Disaster Evacuation Model to Transport Multi-Priority Patients,” Amarnath Banerjee and Hyeongsuk Na

Homeland Security Track: “Optimal Resource Allocation for Recovery of Interdependent Systems: Case Study of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill,” Cameron A. MacKenzie, Hiba Baroud and Kash Barker

Lean Systems: “U-line Design and Operation with Helper Tasks,” John P. Shewchuk

Operations Research: “Adaptive Convex Enveloping for Multidimensional Stochastic Dynamic Programming,” Sheng Yu and Enrique Campos-Nanez

Simulation and Modeling: “Improving Care Transition through Effective Discharge Planning and Decision,” Lingling Sheng, Khim Teck Yeo, Jianfeng Mao and Ian Leong

Supply Chain and Logistics: “Infinite Horizon Periodic Review Perturbed Demand Model with Lead Time,” Semra Sebnem Ahiska, James Lavin, Russell E. King, Don Warsing and Anita Vila-Parrish

Work Systems: “NASA-STD-3001, Space Flight Human-System Standard and the Human Integration Design Handbook,” Keith Holubec, Jennifer Boyer and Mihriban Whitmore

Computer & Information Systems Division Student Paper Competition

"Two-stage Robust Optimization for Power Grid with Uncertain Demand Response," Chaoyue Zhao, University of Florida

Construction Division Student Paper Competition

Sponsored by the ConAm Group
"Application of Lean Principles and Practices in Construction Management," John Gresh, Drexel University

Lean Division Student Paper Competition

Sponsored by J T. and Carol Black
"Enhancing the Service Efficiency of Non-profit Organizations Through Lean Thinking and VSM Analysis: A Case Study of Assistive Device Resource Centers, "Pu-Yuan Chang, Tunghai University

Process Industries Division Student Paper

Sponsored by DuPont and Hersheys
"Coca-Cola Process Improvement," Geoffrey Cheung, Cal Poly - Pomona

Society for Engineering & Management Systems Student Paper Competition

Sponsored by Transformation Systems, Inc.
"Long-term Demand Prediction Using Long-run Equilibrium Relationship of Intrinsic Time-scale Decomposition Components," Akkarapol Sa-Ngasoongsong, Oklahoma State University

Society for Health Systems Student Paper Competition - Graduate Level

"Dynamic Template Scheduling to Address Uncertainty in Complex Scheduling Problems: A Case Study on Chemotherapy Outpatient Scheduling," Shoshana Hahn-Goldberg, University of Toronto

Society for Health Systems Student Paper Competition - Undergraduate Level

"Consistent Detection of Cancer Biomarkers with Linear Models," Eulisa Rivera, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Lean Division Teaching Award

Beth Cudney, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Toni Doolen, Oregon State University

Logistics & Supply Chain Division Teaching Award

Ismail Capar, Texas A&M University

Operations Research Division Teaching Award

Archis Ghate

Engineering Economy Division Wellington Award

Joseph Hartman, University of Florida

Quality Control & Reliability Engineering Division Golomski Award

“Assessing Multi-Layered Social Networks Using Reliability Models,” Kellie Schneider, Edward Pohl and Chase Rainwater

Society for Engineering & Management Systems Management Award

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, IBM

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Awards

Global Level Honoree
Saeed Zolfaghari (Canadian Region), Ryerson University

Regional Level Honorees
Central and South American Region: Gonzalo Mejia, Universidad de los Andes

Great Lakes Region: James Barany, Purdue University (Awarded Posthumously)

Mexican Region: Jose Antonio Vazquez Ibarra, Universidad Politecnica de Aguascaliente

Mid-Atlantic Region: Anita Vila-Parrish, North Carolina State University

North Central Region: Elodie Adida Goodman, University of Illinois