Z94.12.7 Welding

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BACKHAND WELDING. A welding technique wherein the welding torch or gun is directed opposite to the progress of welding.

BACKING. Material (metal, weld metal, asbestos, carbon, granular flux, gas, etc.) backing up the joint during welding.

BARE ELECTRODE. A filler-metal electrode, used in arc welding, consisting of a metal wire with no coating other than that incidental to its manufacture or preservation.

BASE METAL. The metal to be welded, soldered, or cut.

BEVEL ANGLE. The angle formed between the prepared edge of a member and a plane perpendicular to the surface of the member.

BRAZE WELDING. A method of welding whereby a weld is made using a filler metal, having a liquidus above 800°F (427°C) and below the solidus of the base metals. The filler metal is not distributed in the joint by capillary attraction.

BUILDUP SEQUENCE. The order in which the weld beads of a multiple-pass weld are deposited with respect to the cross-section of the joint.

BUTT JOINT. A joint between two members lying approximately in the same place.

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