Z94.12.7 Welding

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 AIR CARBON-CUTTING. An arc-cutting process wherein the severing of metals is effected by melting with the heat of an arc between an electrode and the base metal. An air stream is used to facilitate cutting.

ARC BLOW. The deflection of an electric arc from its normal path because of magnetic forces.

ARC-TIME. The length of time the arc is maintained in making an arc weld.

ARC VOLTAGE. The voltage across the welding arc.

ARC WELDING. A group of welding processes wherein coalescence is produced by heating with an arc or arcs, with or without the application of pressure and with or without the use of filler metal.

AUTOMATIC WELDING. Welding with equipment which performs the entire welding operation without constant observation and adjustment of the controls by an operator. The equipment may or may not perform the loading and unloading of the work.

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