Z94.12.5 Metal Machining

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GAGING. Measuring process to determine whether the dimensions or characteristic is larger or smaller than the established standard or range of acceptability.

GEAR HOBBING. Profile milling of gears by using a worm-like milling cutter referred to as a hob.

GLAZED WHEEL. An abrasive wheel with a cutting surface too smooth (or dull) to grind efficiently.

GRADE (IN ABRASIVE WHEELS). The strength of bonding of a grinding wheel.

GRINDING. A precision finishing machining process which uses an abrasive tool rotating at a high rate of speed.

GRINDING RATIO. The ratio of volume of metal removed by grinding over the volume of wheel wear. It is a measure of the effectiveness of the grinding operation.

GRIT (IN ABRASIVES). Identifies the size of abrasive grains in numbers where 10 is very coarse and 500 is very fine.

GUN DRILLING. A term used when drilling deep holes. The drilling tool has oil holes for using high pressure coolants.

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