Z94.12.2 Foundry/Casting

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WARPAGE. Deformation other than contraction that develops in a casting between solidification and room temperature; also, distortion occurring during annealing, stress relieving, and high-temperature service.

WASH. A casting defect resulting from erosion of sand by metal flowing over the mold or cored surfaces. They appear as rough spots and excess metal on the casting surface. Also called cuts.

WASHBURN CORE. A thin core which constricts the riser at the point of attachment to the casting. The thin core heats quickly and promotes feeding of the casting. Riser removal cost is minimized.

WATER GLASS. Sodium silicate, a viscous liquid which, when mixed with powdered fireclay, forms a refractory cement; used in CO2 molding.

WAX PATTERN. (1) A precise duplicate, allowing for shrinkage, of the casting and required gates, usually formed by pouring or injecting molten wax into a die or mold. (2) Wax molded around the parts to be welded by a thermit welding process.

WIND BOX. The chamber surrounding a cupola through which air is conducted under pressure to the tuyeres.

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