Z94.12.2 Foundry/Casting

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OIL CORE OR MOLD. A core or mold in which the sand is held together by an oil binder.

OIL-OXYGEN BINDER (COLD SETTING, AIR-SETTING BINDERS). A synthetic auto-oxidizing liquid, oil-based binder that partially hardens at room temperature, using an oxygen releasing agent. Baking is needed to complete the curing cycle.

OLIVINE SAND. (Mg2 Fe)2 SiO4, a naturally occurring mineral composed of fosterite and fayalite, crushed and used as a molding sand.

OPEN HEARTH FURNACE. A furnace for melting metal, in which the bath is heated by the combustion of hot gases over the surface of the metal and by radiation from the roof.

OPTICAL PYROMETER. A temperature measuring device through which the operator sights the heated object and compares its incandescence with that of an electrically heated filament whose brightness can be regulated to match the intensity of the source. Proper calibration and practice are needed to read consistent temperatures to +-30°C.

ORIFICE PLATE. In a cupola, a device used to measure the volume of air delivered by the blower.

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