Z94.12.2 Foundry/Casting

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NATURAL SAND. One derived from a rock, in which the grains separate along their natural boundaries. This includes unconsolidated sand, or a soft sandstone where little pressure is required to separate the individual grains.

NI-HARD. Hard white cast iron containing 4% Ni and 2% Cr.

NO BAKE BINDER. A synthetic liquid resin sand binder that hardens completely at room temperatures without baking. Used in the cold setting process.

NODULAR IRON. Iron of a normally gray cast iron type that has been suitably treated with a nodularizing agent so that all or the major portion of its graphitic carbon has a nodular or spherulitic form as cast. It is malleable as cast.

NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING (NONDESTRUCTIVE INSPECTION). Testing or inspection that does not destroy the object being tested. These include radiography, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing and ultrasonic testing.

NOZZLE. Outlet end of a gooseneck or the tubular fitting which joins the gooseneck to the sprue hold.

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