Z94.12.2 Foundry/Casting

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JACKET, MOLD. Wooden or metal form which is slipped over a mold made in a snap or slip flask, to support the four sides of the mold during pouring; maintains alignment of cope and drag halves of mold. After pouring jackets and mold, weights are shifted to another row of molds.

JET SCRUBBER. In air pollution control, a high velocity water jet directed into the throat of a venture section of a cupola to separate out particulates.

JOBBING FOUNDRY. A foundry engaged in the manufacture of numerous types of castings not intended for use in its own product. Usually refers to a foundry making castings for many other companies.

JOLT SQUEEZE MOLDING. Compaction of a sand mold which weighs 75 pounds or less by first using jolt action to compact the sand around the pattern and then using a squeezing action to complete the molding operation.

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