Z94.16 - Quality Assurance & Reliability

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INDEPENDENT TRIALS.  The successive trials of an event are said to be independent if the probability of out-come of any trial is independent of the outcome of the others.  The expression is usually confined to cases where the probability is the same for all trials. [6]

INDIFFERENCE QUALITY LEVEL (IQL).  The quality level which in the sampling plan corresponds to 0.5 probability of acceptance when a continuing series of lots is considered. [2: 2.6.14].

INDIRECT INSPECTION.  An acceptance inspection where a lot is accepted or rejected after examining and verifying the inspection system of the supplier and examining the results it provides; examination of samples from the submitted lot is thus omitted. [2: 1.2.8].

INDIVIDUAL OBSERVATIONS CHART; ORIGINAL DATA CHART.  A control chart for evaluating the process level in terms of the individual observations in the sample. [ 2: 3.3.9].

IN-PROCESS INSPECTION.  Inspection which is performed during the manufacturing or repair cycle in an effort to prevent nonconformities from occuring and to inspect the characteristics and attributes as early as expedient.

INSPECTION.  Activities such as measuring, examining, testing and gauging one or more characteristics of a product or service, and comparing with specified requirements to determine conformity.[ 2: 1.2.1].

INSPECTION (100%).  Inspection of every item of product or service, i.e. the whole (as contrasted with any form of sampling inspection).[2: 1.2.5].

INSPECTION LEVEL.  An index of the relative amount of inspection of a sampling scheme, chosen in advance and relating the size of samples to the lot size.  Notes: (1) A lower (higher) level can be selected if past experience shows that a less (more) discriminating operating characteristic curve will be appropriate. (2) This term should not be confused with severity of sampling, which concerns switching rules that operate automatically.[ 2: 2.5.1].

INSPECTION LOT.  A definite quantity of some product, material or service, collected together and submitted for examination.  Note: An inspection lot may consist of several batches or parts of batches. [2: 1.3.5].


INSTANTANEOUS FAILURE RATE (HAZARD).  The limit, if it exists, of the ratio of the conditional probability that the instant of time, T, of a failure of an item falls within a given time interval, (t + ?t) and the length of this interval, ?t, when ?t tends to zero, given that the item is in an up state at the beginning of the time interval. [4: 191-02-02]

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