An Innovative Approach to Performance Improvement and Patient Safety

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Danielle Drummond
VP, Administration
Lankenau Hospital

Elaine Thompson
Lankenau Hospital

Learn how an innovative approach to performance improvement has led Lankenau Hospital to significantly improved safety and patient satisfaction. The improvement model combines engineering methodologies, change management, and accountability to drive and sustain change across the organization. This session will provide specific examples and tools to apply at your institution.

Lankenau Hospital last year embarked on a journey to improve the safety and reliability of care delivered at the hospital as part of the Main Line Health Strategic Plan and as part of goals set forth by the National Quality Forum. The hospital's medical and administrative leadership embarked on this robust, comprehensive, and detailed effort to hardwire a culture of patient safety. A performance improvement model was developed that combines engineering methodologies with communication and change management. In addition, mechanisms were implemented to ensure robust feedback and individual accountability for supporting this purpose. The organizational chart and administrative structure was changed to support these initiatives. Multidisciplinary clinical teams supported by performance improvement engineers worked on 16 multi-phased performance improvement projects over the course of the year utilizing a unique 11 step performance improvement system that became part of the culture of continuous improvement. These combined efforts resulted in statistically significant improvements in patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, core measures, and hospital acquired infections.