Better Health Care Systems: Implementing Baldrige Best Practices

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Glenn Bodinson
Nine health care organizations have received the Baldrige Award and achieved extraordinary levels of sustainable clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and operational performance.

Participants will benchmark best practices and world-class results while watching video's of three health care Baldrige recipients; then assess, and plan actions for improving their organization's delivery systems.

Health Care organizations can accelerate their improvement by learning and implementing best practices and systems from Baldrige recipients.

Participants will watch videos of three health care Baldrige recipients as part of a facilitated benchmark exercise to identify best practices that achieve exceptional health care results and what results are possible. Doing things the right way improves quality and safety while also lowering costs.

Then we will explore five areas that affect building better health care systems: leadership, culture, systems, measurement, and execution.

Workshop participants will learn:

  • Four easy ways to get started on the Baldrige journey.
  • Secrets for improving health care delivery systems maturity and integration.
  • Four ways to accelerate improvement using the Baldrige System.
  • Identifying four best practices you can implement that will improve your organization's performance.

This interactive workshop is based on adult learning theory and concludes with a networking exercise to gain at least three ideas to resolve a critical issue your organization is facing in improving its health care delivery system.