Z94.13 - Occupational Health & Safety

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WAITING PERIOD. Certain policies which insure against loss of use or against disability provide that they will not begin payment until the interruption or the disability has equalled a specified time, which is called the  waiting period.-

WAVELENGTH. The distance between a point of a given phase of one wave and a point of the same phase of an adjacent wave.

WELDERS' FLASHBURN (ACTINIC KERATOCONJUNCTIVITIS). An inflammatory condition of the corneal and conjunctival epithelium resulting from exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation as from a welder's arc. It is characterized by corneal edema, pain, a gritty sensation, tearing, and photophobia occurring several hours after exposure. It is generally self-limited, resolving spontaneously within 24 to 48 hours and is fully preventable by the placement of shields around welding operations, by the training of welders, and the proper use of welding helmets.

WELDING AND CUTTING PERMIT. Authorization for the use of open flame and spark-producing devices in areas of combustible and/or hazardous materials, where their use is normally prohibited. Frequently extended to the use of open flame devices and/or high heat-producing devices.

WHITE NOISE. Noise of wide frequency range in which the amplitude of the noise is essentially the same in all frequency bands.

WILLFUL MISCONDUCT. Deliberate failure to comply with statutory regulations.

WILLFUL VIOLATION. An intentional and knowing violation of the OSHAct.

WORK INJURY. Any injury suffered by a person which arises out of and in the course of employment.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION. A quasijudicial system where employers have a statutory obligation to pay medical expenses, disability, and other benefits for work-related injuries or illness. Administrative aspects and extent of coverage of worker's compensation laws vary from state to state.

WORKER'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE. A form of insurance imposed on employers by legislative statute which insures medical disability and other coverage for work-related injuries or illness. Depending on the state, an employer may be self-insured or pay premiums to a carrier or the state to administer the program.

WORKING SURFACE. Any surface or plane on which an  employee walks or works. (An agency factor used in classifying accidents.)

WOUND. A break in the continuity of the skin and other body tissues.

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