Z94.12.3 T - Manufacturing Automation & Computer Control

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TAB. A nonprinting spacing action on a tape preparation device whose code separates groups of characters in a tab sequential format.

TAB SEQUENTIAL FORMAT. A means of identifying a word by the number of tab characters that precede it in a block. The first character of all words is a tab character. Words are presented in a specific order, but all characters in a word, except the tab character, may be omitted when the command represented by the word is not desired.

TAPE LEADER. The front or lead end of a tape.

TERMINAL. A point in a system or communication network at which data can either enter or leave.

TIME SHARING. A mode of operation that provides for the interleaving of two or more independent processes on one functional unit. The interleaved use of time on a computing system that enables two or more users to execute computer programs concurrently. Although the computer actually services each user in sequence, the high speed of the computer makes it appear that the users are all handled simultaneously.

TOOL OFFSET. (1) An incremental displacement correction for tool position parallel to a controlled axis. (2) The ability to reset tool position manually to compensate for tool wear, finish cuts, and tool exchange.

TOOLING. A set of required standard or special tools for production of a particular part, including jigs, fixtures, gauges, cutting tools, etc. Specifically excludes machine tools.

TOOLPATH. A generalized NC processor operable on IBM 4300 and 370 computers. Both DOS (12K partition) and OS (200K region) versions of TOOLPATH are available. TOOLPATH contains a complete ADAPT language plus comprehensive two- or three-axis, point-to-point and contouring machining operations.

TPTURN. A generalized 2 axis turning post-processor written in FORTRAN IV and compatible with the Manufacturing Software and Services TOOLPATH NC processor or APT/ADAPT processor.

TRANSIENT. A phenomenon caused in a system by a sudden change in conditions, and which persists for a relatively short time after the change.

TURNING CENTER. A lathe-type NC machine tool capable of automatically boring, turning outer and inner diameters, threading, and facing parts. It is often equipped with a system for automatically changing or indexing cutting tools.

TURN KEY SYSTEM. An NC or computer system installed by a supplier who has total responsibility for building, installing, and testing the system.

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