Z94.12.3 N - Manufacturing Automation & Computer Control

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NATURAL FREQUENCY. The frequency of free oscillation of a system.

NANS. (National Automated Nesting System) is designed to meet the needs of the user of numerically controlled routing and flame cutting machine.

NETWORK. A collection of logic elements connected to perform a specific function.

NEUTRAL ZONE. A range of values for which no control action occurs.

NGS. (Numerical Geometry System) is a graphics-based, partly interactive, 3-dimensional system for computer-aided design and manufacture. The system permits the design process to be carried out either by direct entry of numerical data or from existing design systems.

NOISE. (1) Any unwanted disturbance within a dynamic electrical or mechanical system. (2) Any unwanted electrical disturbance or spurious signal which modifies the transmitting, indicating, or recording of desired data. (3) In a computer, extra bits or words which have no meaning and must be ignored or removed from the data at the time it is used. (4) Random variations of one or more characteristics of any entity such as voltage, current, or data. (5) A random signal of known statistical properties of amplitude, distribution, and spectral density.

NORMALLY CLOSED. A designation applied to the contacts of a switch or relay when they are connected so that the circuit will be completed when the switch is not activated or the delay coil is not energized. Symbolized by NC.

NORMALLY OPEN. (1) A designation applied to the contracts of a switch or relay when they are connected so that the circuit will be broken when the switch is not activated or the relay coil is not energized. Symbolized by NO. (2) Specific pairs of contacts on relays which are closed only when the relay coil is energized.

NUFORMS. Consists of Level I and Level II. Level I is a comprehensive system for the preparation of control data for NC tools utilized in the 2 1/2 axis mode. Level II handles three-dimensional contouring where 3, 4, or 5 axes may move simultaneously and continuously.

NUMERICAL CONTROL (NC). (1) A technique for controlling actions of machine tools and similar equipment by the direct  insertion of numerical data at a given point. Data is automatically interpreted. (2) Any system of control plus controlled equipment which accepts commands, data, and instructions in symbolic form as an input and converts this information into a physical output and into physical values such as dimensions or quantities.

NUMERICAL CONTROL, DIRECT (DNC). A system connecting a set of numerically controlled machines to a common memory for part program or machine program storage, with provision for on-demand distribution of data for the machines. Direct numerical control systems typically have additional provisions for collection, display, or editing of part programs, operator instructions, or data related to the numerical control process.

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