Pre-conference Workshops - Wednesday, Feb. 24

Take advantage of the opportunity to enhance your skills and boost your learning by participating in a pre-conference workshop. Learn from experienced practitioners who will address your concerns about healthcare. They are open to all registered conference attendees and require a separate fee.

Engaging Staff Through Well-Crafted Facilitation Skills in Physical and Virtual Settings

Presenter: Ashley Benedict

Do you have problems getting teams to develop creative solutions or complete action plans in physical or virtual settings? This workshop will cover facilitation techniques and strategies to engage team members and develop strong action plans that will result in improvement. Work should be fun, and facilitation helps you create that environment!

About the presenter

Ashley Benedict, Ph.D. is the VISN System Redesign Coordinator (Lean Six Sigma Program manager) for the VA Sunshine Healthcare Network (VISN 8). She leads improvement with VISN 8 as they continue their journey to implement lean Six Sigma and data driven solutions. VISN 8 has developed the Lean Six Sigma Program into a standardized program across the Network. For the Lean Six Sigma Program, Ashley has worked with the Systems Redesign team to develop standard work for the program including tools, tollgates and training slides. Ashley is involved in the Society for Health Systems (SHS) within the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) and served as a board member and a president.

Innovation: Innate Talent or Disciplined Approach?

Presenter: Eddie Perez-Ruberte

Innovation is critical to businesses, yet many organizations in all industries choose to ignore the signs and they become irrelevant by their inaction. Innovation has become a necessity for organizations to be successful, and decision makers more and more are charged with innovation, although few know how to make it an asset. Understanding how to build an innovative culture is key for leaders.

About the presenter
Eddie Perez-Ruberte is an operational excellence and innovation consultant, facilitator, author and learner. He co-authored the book Healthcare Quality Management: A Case study Approach.

Eddie is an internationally known speaker on applications of lean in healthcare, innovation, employee engagement, high reliability, and performance improvement.

Eddie teaches lean and Six Sigma certification at multiple organizations around the world. He has implemented Continuous Improvement programs in healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and nonprofits. He has led kaizen and innovation workshops in the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

Eddie held an appointment as instructor in Health Care Systems Engineering for the College of Medicine at Mayo Clinic. He is a certified lean expert and a certified Six Sigma black belt from ASQ.