Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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U-LINE LAYOUT. A type of layout in which the machines and workstations are arranged in the shape of a U permitting an operator to closely monitor several machines or workstations.

UNDERCLEARANCE (PORTABLE METAL STACKING RACK). The dimension from the floor to the underside of the base frame.

UNDERDRIVE. A crane or carrier arrangement which propels the equipment by means of a driving wheel pressing on the underside of the track.

UNDER-RUNNING CRANE. A traveling crane with a moveable bridge moving on the bottom flanges of an overhead fixed runway structure and carrying a moveable or fixed hoisting mechanism.

UNDERVOLTAGE PROTECTION. A device operative on the reduction or failure of voltage which interrupts the main circuit and maintains this condition.

UNDERWRITERS’ LABORATORIES LISTING (UL). A list of truck models approved as complying with the requirements of and used by the Stock group of insurance companies to determine the premium rate for insurance coverage for various areas of operation.

UNIDIRECTIONAL PATH. A material flow path over which material flow takes place in one direction only.

UNIT LOAD. Any load configuration handled as a single item.

UNIT OF ISSUE. The quantity of an item issued from storage, such as each, number, dozen, gallon, pair, pound, ream, set, yard, pallet load.

UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODE (UPC). The voluntary standard bar code symbol for retail food packages in the United States.

UPRIGHT (CANTILEVER RACK). A column with the supports necessary to keep it in vertical alignment. The six basic types are as follows:   (Type I) single sides with extended base—column with the arms and the base extended in one direction only.  (Type II) double sided with extended base —column with arms and base extended from two sides of the column in the same vertical plane.  (Type III) imbedded—column with the bottom of the column imbedded into the floor.  (Type IV) pinned—column affixed by pins to the ceiling and floor.     (Type V) bottom pinned—column with the column affixed to the floor and the top of the column affixed to another column in another row by an aisle tie.   (Type Vl) free standing—column with 3 or more extended base legs to make column rigid without being permanently affixed to the floor.

UPRIGHT FRAME. An assembly comprised of posts, horizontal braces, and/or cross braces and diagonal braces in one plane.

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