Z94.8 Facility Planning & Design

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OBSTACLE. A general term used to describe any unusable part of a facility.

OFFICE. A room in which the administrative functions of a facility are conducted or a service is supplied; generally having a high lighting level, low noise level, and finished floors, ceilings and walls.

OFFICE LAYOUT. Physical arrangement of offices, conference rooms, rest-rooms and other support services in a service facility. (See LAYOUT).

OPEN DOCK. A dock open from all sides with no protection from external elements.

OPTICAL CHARACTER READER. An information processing device that accepts prepared forms and converts data from them to computer output media via Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

OPTIONAL FEATURE. Any substitution for the standard attachments, accessories or components or any deviation from standard operational methods.

ORDER BATCHING. The act of combining several orders into one group for convenience in picking.

ORDER BILL OF LADING. A negotiable document by which a carrier acknowledges receipt of freight and contracts for its movement. The surrender of the original order bill of lading, properly endorsed is required by transportation lines upon delivery of the freight, in accordance with the terms of the bill of lading.

ORDER COLLATION. The gathering together of items in a specific order.

ORDER PICKER TRUCK, HIGH LIFT. A high-lift truck controllable by the operator stationed on a platform movable with the load-engaging means and intended for (manual) stock selection. The truck may be capable of self-loading and/or tiering.

ORDER PICKING. The selection of normally less-than-unit load quantities of material for individual orders.

ORDER PICKING AND STACKING TRUCK. A self-loading industrial truck, primarily intended for right-angle stacking and order picking, equipped with an operator control platform that moves vertically on the mast with the load-engaging means.

ORDER PICKING SEQUENCE. The sequence in which items in an order are picked.

ORDER PICKING TRUCK. A manually loaded industrial truck equipped with both a load platform, and an operator control platform movable as a unit on a mast.

ORIGINAL PACKAGE. In storage operations, the original package is the first package to be applied to a specified quantity of items for the purpose of providing protection from corrosion or physical damage.

OSCILLATING CONVEYOR. A vibrating conveyor having a relatively low frequency and large amplitude of motion. (See VIBRATING CONVEYOR.)


OUTRIGGER. A stabilizing structural member extending beyond the main body of the vehicle.

OVERALL DEPTH. The horizontal front-to-back dimension of a rack machine or other device.

OVERALL HEIGHT. The vertical dimension from the floor to the topmost point of the upright frame of a machine or device.

OVERALL LOWERED HEIGHT (OALH). The maximum vertical dimension from the vehicle supporting plane (the ground) to the extreme top point of the mast with the fork carriage in the fully lowered position and unloaded. (Not to be confused with overall vehicle height.)

OVERALL VEHICLE HEIGHT. The minimum height of the vehicle measured from the supporting plane.

OVERALL WIDTH. The horizontal left-to-right dimension of a machine or device.

OVER-AND-UNDER CONVEYOR. Two endless chains or other linkage between which carriers are mounted and controlled so that the carriers remain in an upright and horizontal position throughout the complete cycle of the conveyor.


OVERHEAD CRANE. A traveling crane with a movable bridge running on the top surface of rails of an overhead fixed runway structure and carrying a movable or fixed hoisting mechanism. (Syn. Bridge Crane)



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