Managing Variability in Patient Flow - Data, Process, Sustainability

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Emergency Services / Patient Throughput

Christina Dempsey
Sr. Vice President for Clinical Operations
PatientFlow Technology, inc

Optimal patient flow through the hospital continues to be the elusive holy grail. With benefits in patient safety, quality, satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and finance optimizing patient flow provides the ultimate process improvement strategy. Learn how a data driven "hard science" approach coupled with operational "soft science" can make this goal attainable.

Optimizing patient flow through the organization must incorporate the hard science of rigorous data analysis along with the soft science of operational and political realities. Operations Management techniques such as queuing theory and simulation modeling are key to the "hard science" approach while understanding the true hospital operations and political environment from the bedside to the c-suite must also be incorporated. Using a phased approach that separates scheduled elective surgical or cath lab volume from non-elective, smoothes the flow of elective admissions to the hospital, and then allocates appropriate numbers of specialty and ICU beds will be shown to produce dramatic results in both small and large hospitals. The speaker will demonstrate the approach, provide examples of data to be analyzed, and how queuing theory and simulation modeling are incorporated. "Real life" outcomes will be shared from multiple hospitals along with strategies to assure these outcomes are sustained over time.