Transforming Organizational Culture

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Change Management

Lewis Lefteroff
Senior Lean Consultant, Black Belt
ValuMetrix Services
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Johnson & Johnson

What is organizational culture, where does come from, and how do you change it? This presentation outlines an approach for defining where your culture is today, where you would like it to be tomorrow, and how to get there. Included are keys to being a change agent, methods for sustainability, and examples from others including lessons learned.

This presentation challenges the idea that you can "change" culture, instead culture must be transformed over time and the journey takes planning and careful navigation. This presentation includes exercises that can be taken back to your home site to define your current culture and your target culture. It then reviews the critical elements that are required to help make the journey from current to target, including a detailed review of behaviors of a change agent and lessons learned such as dealing with conflict and methods of communication. Finally, sustainability is addressed through examples of leadership standard work since transforming your culture is a long-term commitment to changing behaviors, not a short-term project that ends when you go back to old behaviors.