StaffingMatrix - A Powerful Tool for Balancing Staffing and Demand

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Michael Toth
Project Coordinator
Sentara Healthcare

Barbara Gerhardt
Management Engineering
Sentara Healthcare

This presentation will demonstrate an internally developed, spreadsheet-based, Staffing tool that allows the user to quickly and accurately balance departmental staffing requirements to hourly demand. The tool is simple to use and can be applied to any staffing scenario. A copy of the application will be provided.

Departmental staffing is a difficult, time consuming, and inexact process, usually based on experience or a gut feeling. There always seems to be too many FTEs or not enough; staff are either burning out or sitting around.

Sentara Healthcare has faced these same challenges and has successfully addressed them through the developed of a simple tool that guarantees adequately balanced staffing for each hour of the day regardless of the function being staffed, how the work is spread throughout the day, or how the volume fluctuates from day to day.

By using the StaffingMatrix, you will be able to establish proper FTE requirements for each hour of each day, compare this to your existing plan, and develop a revised schedule that optimally balances resources and demand. You will also be able to perform What-if analysis and compare schedule costs.

The StaffingMatrix results are accurate, objective, and easy to understand. The output is graphical, so you dont have to waste time going over reams of numbers to make your point. And the best part: Its free but only if you show up for this presentation.