Z94.5 - Distribution & Marketing

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TARGET RETURN OBJECTIVES. The long- and short-term profit goals sought by a firm, usually stated as a percentage of sales or investment.

TERRITORY ASSIGNMENT. A geographical area assigned to a sales unit for use in managing marketing efforts or to a producing unit for use in managing distribution efforts.

TOTAL AVAILABLE MARKET. The non-captive portion of the total market.

TRADE DISCOUNT. A reduction from the list price given to an organization in the marketing channel for services that would otherwise have to have been performed by the manufacturer.

TRADEMARK. A brand with the benefit of legal protection. A trademark includes graphic content as well as the brand name.

TRADING AREA. A district whose size is usually determined by the boundaries within which it is economical in terms of volume and cost for a marketing unit or group to sell and/or deliver a good or service.  Comment.  A single business may have several trading areas: for example, the Trading Area of Chicago’s Marshall Field for its retail store business is different from that for its catalogue business.

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT. The planning, selection, and direction of all means and method of transportation involved in the movement of goods in the marketing process (and the related material purchase efforts).  Comment This definition is confined to those activities in connection with transportation that have to do particularly with marketing and form an inseparable part of any well-organized system of distribution.  It includes control of the movement of goods in vehicles owned by the marketing concern as well as by public carrier.  It does not include the movement of goods within the warehouse of a producer or within the store of a retail concern.

TRANSPORTATION. The moving of a product item from where it is made to where it is purchased and will be used.

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