Z94.5 - Distribution & Marketing

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IMPULSE ITEMS. Products that are bought with little thought or effort, and which are usually placed near the store's cash registers.

INDUSTRIAL GOODS. Goods which are destined to be sold primarily for use in producing other goods or rendering services as contrasted with goods destined to be sold primarily to the ultimate consumer.  They include equipment (installed and accessory), component parts, maintenance, repair and operating supplies, raw materials, fabricating materials.  Comment.  The distinguishing characteristics of these goods is the purpose for which they are primarily destined to be used, in carrying on business or industrial activities rather than for consumption by individual ultimate consumers or resale to them.  The category also includes merchandise destined for use in carrying on various types of institutional enterprises.  Relatively few goods are exclusively industrial goods.  The same article may, under one set of circumstances, be an industrial good, and under other conditions a consumers' good.

INFORMATION SHARING. Means that all parties involved share information on point-of-sale data and forecasts on this data only.

INSTITUTIONAL ADVERTISING. Advertising for the purpose of promoting a concept, or the goodwill of a company or organization.

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