We invite and encourage attendees to view the 2021 list of exhibiting companies and universities who have participated at the Healthcare Systems Process Improvement Conference. Take advantage of being face-to-face with exhibitors sharing their knowledge and expertise of their products, services and booth demonstrations, all to help you meet your organizational goals.

FlexSim Healthcare

FlexSim HC

FlexSim Healthcare provides 3D simulation modeling software and solutions to help today’s health systems improvers analyze and optimize patient-based processes. Our solutions were developed specifically for healthcare, and FlexSim Healthcare is ready out-of-the-box to quickly model any system and provide valuable analytics.

ProModel Corporation

ProModel Corporation
ProModel Corporation provides simulation-based, predictive analytics technology and service solutions for the Healthcare Industry. Our FutureFlow Rx® platform is the future of Predictive Patient Flow Analytics. FutureFlow Rx models and displays a hospital’s current census and bed states by hospital and unit and predicts likely future census and staff requirements by hospital and unit over the next hours, days, weeks and months. Additionally, it enables you to use the continuously up-to-date and always ready simulation-based Digital Twin of your hospital to run "What-if?" Scenario Analysis (WISA) to test your own improvement ideas with no programming required.

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