Z94.3 - Computer & Information Systems

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JOB. (ANSI/ISO) A unit of work that is defined by a user and that is to be accomplished by a computer. Loosely, the term “job” is sometimes used to refer to a representation of a job. This representation may include a set of computer programs, files, and control statements to the operating system.

JOB CONTROL LANGUAGE (JCL). (ANSI) A problem-oriented language designed to express statements in a job that are used to identify the job or describe its requirements to an operating system.

JOINING. The process of merging data from two files (tables) by combining records of one file with records of the other file that have the contents of specified fields in common. The combined records may exist in memory or constitute a new file.

JOY STICK. (ANSI/ISO) In computer graphics, a lever with at least two degrees of freedom that is used as an input device, normally as a locator.

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