u. s. Great Lakes Region

Welcome to the IISE U.S. Great Lakes Region Web page

If you are one of the more than 1,200 IISE members anywhere in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan, then you are in the right place. Our vision is to use this site as a clearinghouse for the IE-related information and opportunities throughout the region, especially to reach out to our many members who are outside of the service area of our professional chapters. Help us make this site a value-added benefit for our region's members.

Regional Vice President - Jared Frederici

Recent Jared FredericiJared works with The Poirier Group, a rapidly growing consulting firm based in Toronto, ON, specializing in helping mid-size and large scale organizations improve day-to-day operations. Jared is an industrial engineer from The Ohio State University and is a master black belt in lean Six Sigma. Jared is an Ohio native and has taught at Ohio State as an associate lecturer within the supply chain and logistics sector. Having been a part of the Columbus chapter No. 1, Jared is excited to help bring those learnings to the region as well as other chapter’s best practices. Jared is passionate about bringing data, analytics and core IE principals into the role to improve the chapter’s day-to-day and is excited to support the growing maturity and density of IISE within the region and nationally.  

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Chapter management


U.S. Great Lakes Region

Indiana, Kentucky 
Michigan, Ohio

This region includes four professional chapters:

  • Columbus, Ohio (Ohio's Virtual Chapter)
  • Dayton, Ohio
  • Detroit, Michigan(Michigan's Virtual Chapter)
  • Louisville, Kentucky

There are IISE student chapters at 19 colleges and universities in the region:

  • Case Western Reserve University
  • Cleveland State University
  • Kettering University - Section A
  • Kettering University - Section B
  • Oakland University  
  • Ohio State University 
  • Ohio University 
  • Purdue University - Calumet Campus 
  • Purdue University  North Central
  • Purdue University - West Lafayette 
  • University of Cincinnati 
  • University of Dayton 
  • University of Louisville 
  • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • University of Michigan - Dearborn 
  • University of Toledo 
  • Wayne State University 
  • Western Michigan University
  • Wright State University
  • Youngstown State University