ELSS 2020 Featured Presentation

9 – 10 a.m. US EDT (GMT -4) Oct. 14

Using Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate a Lean Six Sigma Initiative

Lean Six Sigma is a time-tested problem-solving approach that uses the DMAIC framework to help problem solvers navigate from problem symptoms to root cause identification and solution implementation. While artificial Intelligence (AI) has also been in practice for some time, it is rapidly becoming a technology whose time has come, and it is demonstrating great value across many industries and applications. Lean Six Sigma is one of those applications that is benefiting from AI. Machine Learning (ML) is being used to quickly identify patterns in complex systems and datasets that traditional analytics will simply miss.

In addition, Natural Language Process (NLP) is another powerful tool in the AI toolkit that is offering important value and insights to the traditional DMAIC methods. NLP can be used to derive a new perspective from unstructured data; like Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Process (VoP) inputs, and using social media can provide insights that would otherwise have been missed.

This presentation will focus on the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) problem solving method is integrated with artificial intelligence technology to provide superior solutions to complex problems; while delivering signature experiences for key stakeholders. A case study will be used to illustrate how Lean Six Sigma and Artificial Intelligence can be integrated to accelerate the DMAIC methodology in improving time to value for a business and for its valuable customers.

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, Ph.D.

Sreekanth Ramakrishnan, Ph.D, LSSBB
Learning Specialist, IBM

Dr. Ramakrishnan is a business analytics & client success leader, senior technical staff member for the IBM Corporation where he is working on distilling insights and solutions for IBM's teams to deliver superior client experience. Skilled in using design thinking as an enterprise design thinking coach, he facilitates numerous engagements to design and develop analytics solutions and redesign business processes. He leads IBM Systems' Client Experience program focusing on driving actionable insights for the product teams to improve IBM products, by interfacing with clients through Net Promoter System.

Michael Testani, M.S.

Michael Testani
Director of Industrial Outreach & Continuing Education
Binghamton University

Education: MS Systems Science and Industrial Engineering (Binghamton University)
Certifications: CLSSMBB, Lean Master, Design Thinking and Agile Champion Relevant
Positions: IISE TVP, IISE BOD - Lean Division and SEMS, Annual Conference Session Chair, ELSS Invited Speaker, Pre-conference workshop facilitator.

Ben Amaba, Ph.D., P.E., CPIM, LEED AP

Ben Amaba, Ph.D., PE, CPIM
Global Chief Technology Officer, IBM Watson and Cloud Division

Dr. Ben Amaba holds a Ph.D. degree in industrial & systems engineering, a M.B.A./M.S. degree in engineering and operations, and a B.S. degree in electrical engineering. He is the chief innovation officer for the industrial sector - North America for IBM Watson Cloud Division. Dr. Amaba is a registered and licensed professional engineer. Dr. Amaba's focus and interest is in artificial intelligence, data sciences, robotic process automation (RPA), software engineering, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and cloud technology. Dr. Amaba leads an international team of data analytics and artificial intelligence experts available to engage with you regardless of where you are in your data science and AI journey.