Panel Session

Wednesday, Sept. 25
7:30 AM - 8:40 AM

"Lean vs. Six Sigma: The Showdown"

Each year, the ELSS Conference includes a panel session that gives attendees to interact with a panel on a topic of interest. The goal of the panel is to engage in a meaningful conversation among themselves and with the audience to bring to light new insights and ideas that attendees can take back to their professional endeavors.

Panel Theme
This highly interactive panel will explore the similarities and differences between Lean and Six Sigma. As sister disciplines, much is shared between Lean and Six Sigma, but there are also unique differences.  Our panels, comprised of a group of primarily Lean practitioners and educators and a group of primarily Six Sigma practitioners and educators, will explore these differences and similarities in a fun debate-style format.

Proposed Panel Format
This session will focus the similarities and differences between the sister disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma. The Moderator will introduce the topic (2 minutes), ask each Panelist to briefly introduce themselves (1 minute each), and will then pose an opening question. Each team will have an opportunity to respond to the question. The moderator will continue to pose questions in this fashion until the closing where each panel will provide a final “argument” for their approach. The audience will choose a debate “winner” via applause. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to generate breakthrough results using LSS. The panel promises to be lively, but good-natured and respectful. 

How to Prepare
We want this to be fun and easy, so preparation is minimal. We ask that you just follow these three easy steps:

1. Participate in our pre-conference introductory call.

2. Consider the perspective you’ll be advocating for in the panel (Lean or Six Sigma) and why that approach works (and jot down a few ideas down for discussion on the panel):

  • a. What makes Lean or Six Sigma successful?
  • b. Where does Lean or Six Sigma succeed when the other approach does not?
  • c. Consider specific examples and/or personal anecdotes of your own experience.
  • d. Like any good debater, come prepared to defend against the ideas the debaters advocating the opposite perspective may bring up.

3. Attend the panel, participate and have fun!


First Name

Last Name



Advocate for ...

Gerhard Baumann Motive Power, Inc Six Sigma
Ahmad Elshennawy University of Central Florida Special Guest
Johanna Ficatier Ficatier.Johanna@Mayo.Edu Mayo Clinic Six Sigma
Paul Fjelsta accomplir Inc. Lean
Elisa Gouveia Waldrop UT Southwestern Medical Center Lean
Duncan Hassell Motive Power, Inc Lean
Sharon Johnson WPI, Foisie School of Business Lean
Miguel Rocha Tecnologico de Monterrey Six Sigma