Best Paper Competition

Three finalists are selected from the Best Paper Competition submissions using a blind review process. Cash award prizes totaling $600 will be distributed to three finalists based on their finishing position first place, first runner-up and second runner-up. All others will receive honorable mention. These finalists will be announced at the conference and will be recognized during the Sept. 25 closing and awards session.

Paper No. 904

Measuring Fitness of a Production Line to Meet Customer Demand
Hung-da Wan and Rafid Al Janahi, University of Texas at San Antonio

Paper No. 906

Decoding Big Data in Financial Services to Drive Process Improvement
Carlos Fiol, Process Engineer, Wells Fargo

Paper No. 910

Lean Lot Sizing—ELS, One-Piece-Flow, & Common Sense
Quarterman Lee, Strategos, Inc.

Paper No. 937

Measurement System Analysis: Identifying Opportunities in Patient Care
Elisa Gouveia Waldrup, UT Southwestern

Paper No. 956

Lean Six-Sigma for Improved Yield and Quality in Snack Manufacturing
F. Frank Chen, University of Texas at San Antonio

Paper No. 957

Improving Lean Six Sigma Practices in the Big Data Era
F. Frank Chen, University of Texas at San Antonio

Paper No. 968

Application of Lean Six Sigma Methods in Process Variability Reduction
Joshua Omambala, Binghamton University

Paper No. 971

Veterinary Care Team Burnout
Chinweike Eseonu and Rawan Alshaiji, Oregon State University