Share insights and innovations in the profession with your colleagues by submitting your work for consideration. Led by IISE's Operational Excellence Division, the Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference 2022 offers a global hub for sharing organizational transformation discoveries fueled by Lean, Six Sigma and Data Science thinking. Your presentation will reach an audience of industrial, management, manufacturing and quality engineers, healthcare professionals, consultants, operational and supply chain managers and professional educators.

Submission deadline: May 22

As an industry thought-leader, we invite you to share your Lean, Six Sigma and Data Science ideas, research findings, innovative models or more within the scope of this year's tracks:

  • Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Six Sigma, Big Data and Data Science
  • Embracing Technologies for Digital Transformation
  • Leadership in the Future of Work, Culture & Training
  • Innovation, Engagement, Environmental Governance

Inspire discussion and development and put yourself and your organization at the forefront of the industry while connecting with other great minds.

Program Track Descriptions

2022 Lean Six Sigma & Data Science Conference Track Descriptions As Improvement and Excellence and Data thought leaders, we will discuss these five tracks that resonate with the reality of our living world. Conference overall expectations are to listen in about journeys, strategies, transformations, and research that address the track topics as described below. Multiple speaking sessions are available, ranging from presentation, fire-side chats, expert speed discussion to hands-on detailed deep dives.

Lean & Operational Excellence – Track embodies waste reduction, value enhancement, and agility acceleration. We want to address from basics to advanced presentations that highlight good, bad, and ugly aspects of an organization's journey towards excellence.

Six Sigma, Big Data, & Data Science – Within the different phases of the Six Sigma methodology Data is critical for connecting the dots from issues to solutions. We want to share case studies and lessons learned from projects with Data at its core.

Embracing Technology for Digital Transformation – We are living in the exponential growth of technology such as the use of 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomous Vehicles, Block Chains, Co-bots, Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Virtual Reality (VR), and are becoming widespread across all industries. For most organizations, it's a question of when, not if, they will adopt this transformation in their processes. We would like to hear about how different workplaces have adopted or adapted and will grow in our future?

Leadership in the Future of Work, Culture & Training– A 2007 Industry Week survey suggested that over 70 percent of Lean implementation attempts fail. We attribute the failure to be too focused on tool implementation at the expense of cultural change. New employees are getting acclimated to virtual, hybrid, and co-modal working. We invite thought-provoking presentations on critical elements for building a learning organization with an eye towards what is next?

Innovation, Engagement, Environmental Governance – We all have heard the questions about the future of continuous improvement and engagement. Our current methods may be losing inertia within academia and industry. Beyond transformation, we would like to hear how to engage, govern and innovate in the changing world? 

A look back at the #Lean6Data2021

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