You ain't seen nothing yet

This article describes three growth strategies that should yield success for companies that build upon them as they develop and implement their IoT (Internet of Things) and smart equipment strategies.
By George F. Brown Jr. 


Examining Consumer Emotions 

Staying up-to-date with fickle and expanding consumer needs is particularly important for the designers of multigeneration products that span several product implementations and releases.  
By Inki Kim, Gül E. Okudan Kremer and Brennan Cornell 


Discovering hidden connections with big data

This article is a case study that shows how advanced software and emerging analytics techniques, including big data modeling and data mining, can analyze and transform current and historical data into insights to guide decision-making in maintenance operations and related areas. 
By Kim Patel, Sekar Sundararajan, Charalambos Marangos and Emory W. Zimmers Jr. 


What your industrial data analytics courses need

In the era of big data that the world is in now, industrial and systems engineering (ISE) has been playing an important role in pushing the frontiers and increasing the exposure of industrial data analytics from different angles. 
By Kaibo Liu